In the “Zweipunktnull” podcast, shuffle dancer Arina Luisa explains her job and everyday life with social media.

At «Zweipunktnull», podcast host Stefan Viliotti asks guests from the entertainment world about life with social media. Recently: Shuffle dancer and influencer Arina Luisa.

 & laquo; I'm glad not to be a full-time influencer & raquo;

The Rheintaler made a name for herself with shuffle videos and has now reached over 85,000 Instagram followers.

 & laquo; I'm glad not to be a full-time influencer & raquo;

«All influencers live from advertising,» Arina confirms in a talk with Stefan.

That's what

  • is about”Zweipunktnull” is our chat podcast on the subject of social media.

  • Every two weeks, host Stefan Viliotti asks guests from the entertainment world about their lives in and with social networks .

  • As a preview of the episode with shuffle dancer and singer Arina Luisa (23), we clarify five key questions in advance.

  • Do you prefer to listen directly? The «Zweipunktnull» stream is right below it.

What is shuffling?

“The focus is on the feet,” explains Arina. Accordingly, it takes a lot of strength in the legs, but also endurance. Shuffling is practically the sprint discipline of dancing; «The 100-meter sprint», she says.

What does it look like?

How do you become a dancer/singer/influencer?

Her father is a musician, choir and sports teacher, her mother a dance teacher, explains Arina. “For me, singing came before dancing,” she says. Until 2018 she was part of the girl group Miracle Four.

When the music wasn't going so well, dancing became more important to Arina. “Shuffling saved me back then,” she says. Back then she taught herself the style with YouTube tutorials, today the woman from the Rheintaler teaches herself.

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How do you make your money?

“I'm 50 percent employed as a dance teacher, 50 percent self-employed as a content creator and I'm glad that there is neither a full-time job,” explains the 23-year-old.

Everyday life as a dance teacher demands a lot from her physically and didactically, as an influencer she is dependent on advertising contracts. The permanent position enables her to reject social media jobs that she cannot stand behind.

Tiktok or Instagram?

“I'm a creator and dancer, of course I should be on Tiktok,” says Arina. Even so, little has happened on her profile so far. “I just never consume on Tiktok myself,” she explains. Instagram, on the other hand, is a source of inspiration for her, also for her choreographies. “Instagram is my life,” she jokes.

Would it be possible without social media?

«Sure. I would teach more and sing more, »says Arina. And: “Being outside a lot; hiking, snowboarding, running, jogging – and going to parties! »

The complete episode “Zweipunktnull” with Arina Luisa is available right here, just tap E18.

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