Anyone who logs in at 20 minutes is doing good. As part of Giving Tuesday, 20 Minuten will donate money to Winterhilfe until December 24th.

Whoever registers for 20 minutes is doing something Good.

If you register for a 20-minute login, we will donate to those in need

As part of Giving Tuesday, 20 Minuten donates one franc to Winterhilfe for every new login .

 If you register for a 20-minute login, we will donate to those in need

The fundraising campaign runs from November 30th to December 24th.

That's what it's all about

  • Tuesday, November 30th, is Giving Tuesday.

  • < p> This is the day of giving and generosity.

  • 20 Minuten is therefore launching a fundraising campaign for winter aid.

  • The aid organization receives one franc with every new login.

Have a say, take part in competitions and do something good on top of that: For every new login at 20 minutes, we donate one franc to Winterhilfe. The campaign runs from November 30th to December 24th as part of Giving Tuesday.

This is the day of giving and generosity: on this Tuesday everything revolves around giving and giving what is good to do. Private individuals, companies and organizations around the world organize charitable campaigns for this.

This is Winterhilfe

Winterhilfe supports you with benefits in kind. That means, no money is paid out, but clothes are bought, the costs for music lessons are taken over or urgent bills are settled. The offers are aimed exclusively at people who live in Switzerland and whose income is close to the subsistence level. Every request for help is checked, including whether another organization, such as the social welfare office, is responsible for providing the service. In the past year, Winterhilfe supported more than 50,000 people, including almost 27,000 children.

“Giving Tuesday is about doing good and motivating others to do the same,” explains project manager Mario Tinner. Anyone can take part. “The main thing is to support a good cause,” says Tinner. A total of 118 actions will be launched as part of Giving Tuesday.

Around 50 of these are individual campaigns. Many come from non-profit organizations. For example, the MS Society holds dinner parties and the Biorender Foundation supports women farmers in Tanzania. But private individuals have also launched campaigns.

Like Johanna Aellig Alberts: She sells omelets in the neighborhood and donates the proceeds to the Friends of Svieta Association. This advocates for Ukrainian orphans. In addition to 20 Minuten, other Swiss companies are also participating.

Jelmoli donates five francs to the Züriwerk Foundation for every purchase of 50 or more francs made over the weekend. The organization works for people with disabilities. The Twint payment service draws the attention of all users to Giving Tuesday on Tuesday.

Neutral and non-hurtful language

20 minutes is not only used on Giving Tuesday for social justice. For a year now, the media brand has been committed to the consistent use of a politically and socio-politically neutral, non-injurious and diverse language with its own Social Responsibility Board.

Around 40 service boxes with help and advice that are always used find, when reports are reported about people who have been discriminated against or people in crises of life, round off the project – an initiative that is unique in the industry in Europe.

My 20 Minuten

As a member you become part of the 20-Minuten-Community and benefit daily from great benefits and exclusive competitions!

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