In an interview with the “FAZ”, Sophia Thomalla stops at nothing. She shoots at influencers, criticizes feminism debates and speaks openly about her alcohol consumption.

In an interview with the “FAZ” on Monday, Sophia Thomalla was upset about influencers, artificial feminism debates and events without alcohol.

& laquo; If you can't do anything, you become an influencer & raquo;

The Berliner thinks, for example: “Sometimes I can only deliver with alcohol.” Or: «Some events you just have to have a nice drink.»

 & laquo; If you can't do anything, you become an influencer & raquo;

In addition, Sophia also commented on her relationship with tennis star Alexander Zverev (24), because of which she is currently often in the media.


  • She thinks artificial feminism debates shit, as do influencers and events like the Berlinale receptions.

  • In an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, Sophia Thomalla (32) left nothing to be desired and she really hit the plaster.

  • In addition, the presenter spoke openly about her alcohol consumption and her relationship with tennis professional Alex Zverev (24).

“In principle, I'm always pissed off,” says Sophia Thomalla right at the beginning of her interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. The reason? “A lot of people have expectations of me and I'm not ready to meet them if I don't like it,” says the actress. After all, you yourself have no claims to others – except that it is about alcohol.

As a guest on programs, she also likes to ask for a bit of alcohol from time to time: “Sometimes I can only deliver with alcohol. Now everyone will say that Thomalla has a drinking problem. But let's be honest: some events, Berlinale receptions, for example, you just have to have a nice drink, ”raves the 32-year-old.

«I am the bottle type»

However, she could not allow herself to hang on to the bottle from morning to evening. “I have jobs to do, to moderate programs. I have to be fit and look good. ” That's why she never drinks during the week, but even more so on the weekend. «I'm the bottle type, not the glass type. And I'm not talking about beer, but about red wine. “

The model is not afraid that the alcohol could damage her appearance:” What good does it do me if I look 50 at 70, but nothing have experienced? The good stories never started with: Come on, let's have a cup of tea. They start with: Have a beer. »

“Influencers are scroungers”

What the actress can't stand is when she is referred to as an influencer. «Influencer is another term for scroungers. If you can't do anything at all, you become an influencer, ”scoffs the 32-year-old. In their opinion, they would advertise “everything and everyone”.

But Thomalla is also a well-known advertising face, for example for brands such as Lidl and Korn. “The difference is that I cancel 95 percent of all promotional offers,” justifies the moderator. So what is important in an advertising deal? “First, my gut feeling. Second, whether I like the product. Third, there is so much money that I would be stupid to refuse. »

That was your vacation with Alex Zverev

Thomalla strikes a friendlier tone when she is asked about her current relationship. It is no longer a secret that the model is with tennis professional Alex Zverev (24). The two recently spent a vacation together in the Maldives. Thomalla says: «Alex trained every day. For me that's completely okay, I can do very well on my own. When he comes off the treadmill wet with sweat, I lie by the pool with my cocktail. ”

The fact that she is now dating an athlete does not mean that she is going to turn her whole life upside down: “I'm not sitting in the box in a short white skirt and starting to count calories.”

« Feminists should kiss my feet »

So they will continue to do what they want – even if that might piss some off. With statements such as: “A woman who constantly railed for equality and against sexism has obviously never received a compliment”, Thomalla finally triggered a shit storm several times.

You just don't believe in double standards and artificial sexism debates, says the model. She herself does not feel discriminated against and summarizes: “I say what I want, I drink what I want, and I earn my money with what I want. Feminists should actually kiss my feet. »

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