In the UK, Ikea is tightening the screws on unvaccinated employees. Should they have to isolate themselves, they will feel the consequences at the end of the month.

British Ikea employees get paid less wages if they are not vaccinated and have to self-isolate.

those who are unvaccinated is and has to be in quarantine, does not get a wage at Ikea

The Swedish furniture giant is badly affected by the massive Omikron wave in Great Britain.

 Who is unvaccinated and in quarantine ne must, doesn’t get a wage at Ikea

In Switzerland it is different: In this country Ikea is less affected by the failures due to Omikron. Daily business can still be “run well”, says an Ikea press spokeswoman.

That's what

  • Ikea in Great Britain is changing its wage policy.

  • This affects unvaccinated employees.

  • However, this is different in Switzerland.

Unvaccinated employees who have to self-isolate because of an infection with the coronavirus will receive less wages at Ikea in Great Britain in the future. As reported by the BBC, due to the massive wave of Omikron, the Swedish furniture giant decided to change its policy on non-vaccinated staff and cut sick pay.

On Sunday alone, over 141,000 laboratory confirmed in the UK Cases announced. More and more companies are sounding the alarm because they are increasingly lacking staff due to the many cases of infection. A large part of the 10 & # x27; 000 employees at Ikea is currently absent.

Unvaccinated people in England have to be in isolation when in close contact

It is an “emotional issue”, Ikea admits in a media release. Nevertheless, the rules are clear: “Fully vaccinated employees or those with extenuating circumstances are paid in full for self-isolation.”

On the other hand: “Unvaccinated employees who have to isolate themselves can now only receive 96.35 pounds per week at Ikea (the equivalent of around 120 francs) – the minimum of the statutory sick pay.” In England, people who are fully vaccinated do not need to self-isolate if they have been in close contact with a person infected with Covid. Unvaccinated people who are contacted via the state test and tracing system must still go into quarantine.

No wage cut at Ikea Switzerland

In Switzerland, the situation looks very different, explains press spokeswoman Dominique Lohm 20 minutes. Such measures as those of the British are not planned. Ikea Switzerland is also affected by the Omikron wave, but daily business can still be “managed well”, says Lohm.

“We are already feeling a slight increase in staff failures compared to the weeks before Christmas », says Lohm. However, Ikea Switzerland strictly adhered to federal measures from the start. “And even a little worse,” assures the press spokeswoman.

The failures are evenly distributed throughout Switzerland, the numbers “change from day to day”. The press officer cannot say how many of the employees have been vaccinated: “We never asked our employees about it.”

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