Women are becoming more and more visible in the rap scene. Now SRF presenter Sirah Nying and rapper Babsi rabies talk about femininity, feminism and the female wave.

20-year-old Sirah Nying realized the seven-part SRF virus report “Enter The Circle”, in which she spoke to rappers from Germany and Switzerland about the female wave in rap.

& laquo; If Shirin David were a man, she would be inviolable & raquo;

She traveled to Berlin and spoke to rappers like Babsi Tollwut, Antifuchs, Layla and Juju about femininity, equality and women in the rap game.

& laquo; If Shirin David were a man, she would be inviolable & raquo;

Her goal: «A lot of people believe that there can be no feminism in hip hop. The report is supposed to prove the opposite. »

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  • is aboutAs part of the SRF virus report “Enter The Circle”, presenter Sirah Nying (20) got to the bottom of the female wave in rap.

  • She traveled to Berlin, met with the most popular underground rappers from Germany and Switzerland and talked to them about femininity, sexism and feminism in rap.

  • In an interview lasting 20 minutes, the moderator reveals which formative experiences she has taken with her from this time.

  • In addition, the queer-feminist rapper Babsi Rabies tells us why she will not stop being “aggressive and annoying” for a long time.

Hiphop has long since ceased to be just a “man's business”: She wants the female rap wave to spill over from America to Germany and now also leave its mark in Switzerland SRF virus presenter Sirah Nying (20) show in her seven-part documentary “Enter The Circle”, which is currently on YouTube.

“In the last year I realized the condescension of women in rap. It seemed to me that sexism was anchored in it – I wanted to find out whether and what alternatives there were, ”said the moderator in relation to 20 Minuten. Her goal: «A lot of people believe that there can be no feminism in hip-hop. The report should prove the opposite. »

Germany leads the way

The reporter traveled to Berlin to meet leaders of the Female Wave. Rappers like Juju (29) and Shirin David (26) are at the top of success in Germany. But: “Just because Shirin David storms the charts, sexism is far from defeated,” says Sirah. She emphasizes: “If Shirin David were a man, she would be inviolable – and everyone would celebrate.”

Instead, the young rapper has to take a lot of criticism. «Rap is always one step ahead of our society. That's why he provokes, ”explains the 20-year-old. After all: “Ten years ago it was still said that women were not allowed to rap. Today it is said that they rap shit, but at least they have a right to exist. ”

«Women bluff less»

Back in Switzerland, the reporter quickly realized that the female wave has not really arrived here yet. There is enough potential, but visibility is missing. “That's why I want a woman to come to the next cypher and take everything apart. That would be the starting shot for the Female Wave in Switzerland. »

But to what extent do the texts of men and women differ at all? “The women's texts are often about their inner workings, while many men show off their outward achievements,” notes Sirah. Means: “Women bluff less and instead tell their personal stories.”

It's better to live nice

Nevertheless, in the course of her journey, she realized: “Female rap doesn't have to be feminist.” Vulgar texts in particular would shift the social image of femininity. “The women curse, they spit – and thus question what femininity means. They confront the audience with their own traditional image of femininity. ”

The downside: «For women, life in a patriarchal society is easier when they are good-looking. That is why unrealistic ideals of beauty are still pushed in female rap », says the presenter. That could put young women under pressure. Nevertheless, Sirah is certain: “The female wave in rap has a positive effect on the self-image of women.”

«Women can be cheeky and annoying»

Rapper Babsi Rabies (31) also agrees. «Female rappers address issues that no one would have addressed publicly three years ago. It makes people feel understood, no matter who or how they are », says the musician, who stands out with numerous curse words in her lyrics.

” There is a lot of anger in my songs, “explains the 31- Year old their choice of words. “I'm very vulgar, but I never insult people who are below me in a social hierarchy. I'm just dissing up. That seems more legitimate to me. ” The swearing also has another ulterior motive: «I want to break with the normative notions of what a woman should be like. She doesn't have to restrain herself, she can also be cheeky and annoying. ”

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