Unusually vulnerable, Bushido reports in a new interview how he and his family live under police protection and how much the rapper really fears for his loved ones.

That his family doesn't just spontaneously go out to shop or join in Can meet friends is a heavy burden on Bushido. At the same time he emphasizes that personal protection is urgently needed.

That's what it's about

  • Bushido is unusually vulnerable in the new star TV documentary.

  • The rapper speaks through tears about his feelings of guilt, about violence against his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi (40) and about his recently born triplets.

  • The 43-year-old also admits that he would trust his archenemy Arafat Abou-Chaker to kill him and his family. The Ferchichis therefore live under police protection.

Bushido currently seems to be a permanent guest on German television. On the one hand, his new album “King Sonny Black II” will be released soon, on the other hand the rapper is in the middle of the court hearings against his former business partner Arafat Abou-Chaker (45). The argument between the rapper and the Arab clan leader is also the reason why Bushido and his family live under police protection. In a new “Stern TV” documentary, the otherwise tough musician looks back with tears on his past and shows remorse for some of his deeds.

Life under police protection

Anis, as the rapper's real name is, his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi (40) and their eight children from the police are constantly guarded by the police. There are several police cars on their doorstep and the children are driven to school in the morning by the police. The LKA is also there on the way to school, as the documentary shows.

Papa Anis says: “This is awesome support that we get, but unfortunately it is also necessary.” He goes on to add: “That scratches my ego as a father. I often think to myself that I've taken the wrong turn a few times in my life. »

Dispute with Arafat

The reason for the police protection: Arafat Abou-Chaker is said to have plans to attack the family. The Ferchichis have been negotiating with the clan leader in court since mid-2020. Meanwhile, Bushido fears for his family: “I would trust Arafat to do anything,” he says – including that he would kill his family.

Bushido therefore struggles with strong feelings of guilt. «My wife and children don't hold it against me that we live under police protection because of my actions – but that makes things a lot worse for me.»

The Drillings h3>

Despite difficult circumstances, Leonora, Naima and Amaya were born around five weeks ago, Anis and Anna-Maria's triplets. Dad admits that he can hardly tell his three identical babies apart: “I have to cheat and listen carefully when my wife calls her name,” he admits.

__3c9 vs. family man

While Anis plays with his children during the day, he transforms himself into ghetto rapper Bushido in the evening – throwing expressions like “hooker” and “slut” around. Lines like “Who sells over a ton of cocaine?” appear in his songs. The absurd: During the music video shoots, the police are always standing by to guard Bushido.

Violence against his wife

The rapper continues to talk to «Stern-TV» about his married life. In 2014 he became violent towards his wife, which he regrets to this day: “I am very ashamed of it. That is the most uncool and stupid behavior that a man can display, ”said the 43-year-old. Looking back, he says: “I'm a loudmouth on stage and at the same time I couldn't manage to stand by my wife's side.”

For her part, Anna-Maria says that the matter has been “forgiven”. In retrospect, she blames herself for it: “I shouldn't have let it get that far. Today I would do it differently. Today I would pull the rip cord. ”

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