Professionally, the moderator shines and presents herself flawlessly. But the 44-year-old also has to struggle in her private life. Now she reveals how she manages the balancing act.

In an interview with «Caminada» magazine, the 44-year-old reveals private matters – also about her relationship with husband Tomaso Trussardi (38).

 & laquo; I'm pulling back or crying in my pillow & raquo;

Hunziker says of her husband: “I love him, he's my husband, we've been together for eleven years. He has a lot of advantages, but I'm not so naive as to see him as a knight. On the one hand he is a very, very, very strong man, on the other hand he still has things to work out. Just like me. »

 & laquo; I pull back or cry in my pillow & raquo;

With her textile life, who works full-time as a fashion entrepreneur, the Swiss woman, who now lives in Italy, has two daughters: Celeste (6) and Sole (8).

That's what

  • TV presenter Michelle Hunziker is about shows herself for the winter edition of the Swiss magazine «Caminada» very privately.

  • The 44-year-old speaks about her marriage to Tomaso Trussardi (38), family planning and what it does when things don't go so smoothly.

  • It quickly becomes clear: “La Hunziker” seldom loses her positive, self-deprecating manner even in stressful situations – but she too has to struggle with herself on bad days.

While Michelle Hunziker lives with her husband, the textile heir Tomaso Trussardi and their daughters Celeste (6) and Sole (8) in Bergamo, Italy, the 44-year-old commutes between Germany, Italy and Switzerland. At the same time, the moderator, with her foundation “Doppia Difesa”, campaigns against domestic violence and for the rights of women and also sells her own line of cosmetics. In short: it has to bring a lot under one roof.

“Of course I know days when I think, 'Oh God, I can't do it with everything, the job'”, Hunziker admits in an interview with the lifestyle magazine “Caminada”. When asked how she can manage everything, she replies modestly: “All women can do that – multitasking.” And continues: “We are born and know that we always have to toil harder than men to achieve something. “Hunziker is not a person who complains. This is actually something she hates: “For me it is a big illness. Doesn't really help. I'm more into solving problems. »

« You always have to laugh »

La Belle Michelle is well aware of her role on television and as an entertainer. Over the years in public life, she has learned to maintain the facade despite hardship and difficult times: “Anyone who works in entertainment has a mission. You want to make life a little easier for the audience, a minute or two, with a joke, ”says the 44-year-old. The fact that she can “put a smile on people's faces” is what makes her even aware that she has done her job. She is particularly touched by the love and affection that she then feels from the audience.

“If I'm not doing well, I don't show it in public,” says the TV icon. “I retire to my room, close the door, and think. Or I cry for a moment in my pillow. ” It cannot be taken for granted that she can cry in isolation. Because the daughter of an artist was born without lacrimal glands. “As a baby, I had to have an operation because of it. Luckily. Crying is important. Perhaps that was a signal: God said to me: You always have to laugh, “she says.

” We argue a lot “

In October 2014 Michelle and her Tomaso solemnly said I do. Since then, they have shown themselves to be turtling again and again, like on the first day. But it is not always easy in their marriage either: “We often discuss and argue a lot,” she reveals. «We know each other and know what is important for each other. There are no idyllic couples, everyone gets into trouble in their own time, ”explains the 44-year-old. Accordingly, their private happiness and a functioning family life have top priority.

Hunziker's answer to the question of whether family planning is complete is surprising, however: «I think so. I would now like to enjoy the two little ones and accompany them as they grow up. ” Until recently, she often emphasized that she and Tomaso want more offspring.

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