In the Killington slalom, Vlhova leads ahead of Shiffrin and Holdener. What is still possible for the Swiss woman in the second run? This starts at 6.45 p.m., we report live.

Holdener is on course for the podium

But she loses a lot of time on Vlhova. (Video: SRF)

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Conclusion 1st run

Wendy Holdener will fight for the podium in the second run of the slalom in Killington. The 28-year-old showed a good first run. Although she is 0.58 seconds behind the leader after the first run, Petra Vlhova, she is almost half a second ahead of fourth in the first run. After the first round she said: “I accelerated upstairs. In the last third I noticed that a few turns would be better. But I'm happy that I attacked. I want to get into driving even more in the second run and I will give full throttle again. »

While Holdener is fighting for the podium with Vlhova and Shiffrin (+0.20), Michelle Gisin will be looking for a place in the top 10. After the first run, the 27-year-old is in 10th place (+1.66). She said: “The feeling was very bad. It was the same three years ago. It was aggressive and icy at the same time. It is extremely difficult to drive. I couldn't get in, like Wendy. »

Camille Rast, the third Swiss woman in the Bund, showed a run without many mistakes and with good approaches, but with a lot of time lost (+2.38). She (18th) and Elena Stoffel (20th) are in the second run. Mélanie Meillard missed it. ( fss )

Intermediate result

2. Run at 6.45pm

That's it from our live coverage of the 1st run of the slalom in Killington. We'll get back to you at 6.45 p.m. for the second round.

30 O Brien

A home race for the American, but then she loses the thread and almost fails, but she stays in the race and loses a lot of time.

4.41 behind, rank 30. That will not be enough for the 2nd run.

29 Guest

A Scottish woman is also tackling the run.

2.94 back, 21st place. She will almost certainly do the second run as well.

28 Meillard

The next Swiss woman. What can Loïc Meillard's sister show? The turns don't look bad, but a bit careful. You lose a lot of time. That will be difficult for the 2nd run.

3.4 seconds behind, intermediate rank 25. That will be close.

27 Fjällström

4.11 behind, 27th place.

26 Nullmeyer

The Canadian makes long distances, no wonder she loses time there. And of course there are gutters in the slope now.

3.7 backlog, 26th place.

25 Popovic

3.14 backlog, 21st place


says«I like the 1st position. I feel good, I also have confidence from Levi. I feel freer than last season, so I'm smiling more. Now I feel less pressure. »

24 Holtmann

No driver has retired yet. The Norwegian also has the advantage that her trainer set the course. She has to fight, but stays in the race.

3.28 seconds behind, 21st place.

23 Peterlini

​​The Italian is 3.32 behind and is 22.

Holdener is satisfied

Holdener: “I gave a lot of gas upstairs and was good at it. In the second run I want to improve even more. »

Intermediate result

 & laquo; I'll give full throttle & raquo; - Holdener after first run on podium course

22 Gallhuber

Another Austrian who wants to climb into the top 10. That won't be possible with 0.66 seconds behind the first split.

In the finish it is 3.65, 22nd place. That will probably not work with the 2nd run.

21 Stjernesund

The Norwegian has an advantage, her trainer set the course. Will that be of any use to her? Apparently not, she is also quickly falling behind.

2.84 behind, 19th place.

20 Noens

The 33-year-old French achieved a decent performance.

2.2 behind, 14th place

19 Rast

The third Swiss woman, Camille Rast, is racing. She tries to find the rhythm, she doesn't seem to succeed. She gives everything, but the first 15 is probably not enough.

2.38 behind, 16th place. The approaches were good. But she will certainly be able to start in the second run.

18 Mielzynski

​​2.88 behind, 17th place. It didn't seem like there was much that was right.

17 Huber

Another Austrian, she drives as fast as Truppe.

At the finish with 2.4 deficit, 16th place

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