At the beginning of the week, Roman Rafreider caused a sensation with his bizarre appearance at the “ZiB-Flash”. For a long time there was speculation about the reason, now the presenter is expressing himself.

On Tuesday the long-time ORF presenter Roman Rafreider caused a sensation. The 52-year-old looked visibly impaired in the “ZiB-Flash”.

That's what it's about

  • ORF presenter Roman Rafreider appeared visibly impaired in front of the camera on Tuesday evening.

  • His moderation for the program «ZiB Flash» took a lot of effort and even had to hold on to the desk once so as not to tip over.

  • In The social media were wildly speculating about the reasons.

  • Now the 52-year-old commented on his appearance for 20 minutes – and explained his impairment.

The “ZiB Flash” broadcast on Tuesday evening drew international circles. The reason was the bizarre appearance of Roman Rafreider. The moderator was visibly impaired, only made it through the show with a lot of effort. The 52-year-old moderated wavering and with a strong tongue. In his expression, too, he was sometimes difficult to understand. In addition, he slipped a few slip of the tongue.

While some media in Austria report that Rafreider's father was in intensive care last night – and has since died – others write that acquaintances denied this.

Now the moderator commented on what had happened and said, on request from 20 minutes: «I learned something really bad the evening before the show. Then I was given a sedative because I almost collapsed. ” Unfortunately, this did not do him any good, after all, he does not know anything about such drugs.

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«That was a mistake»

«I was completely dazed and by the wind,» Rafreider continues – and finally added: «I thought I could do it and nobody notices. Unfortunately that was a mistake. ” For the time being, he doesn't want to comment anymore, as he now has to take care of his father.

The Austrian received support from numerous colleagues on social media for the tough moment he was currently experiencing. For example, actress Mavie Hörbiger wrote on Twitter that she understood his dazed appearance. She herself almost had to break off a performance near the death of her father because “nothing worked” for her. Rafreider shouldn't lose his job, the 42-year-old demands.

On Wednesday the public service broadcaster took the first steps and released Roman Rafreider from all tasks according to the “standard”. According to information from the ORF, further steps are still being checked internally, as the Austrian newspaper continues to write. There will be no dismissal of the moderator. Rafreider himself is said to have already apologized internally for his appearance live on television.

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