The new year has started – it is high time to come up with a few resolutions. Or would you rather not? This is how the Swiss stars think about it.

Influencer Lina Senn has a very special New Years resolution. It doesn’t affect her, but her partner: “I want to make my friend Leo vacuum clean! Because he never does that to himself. I don't know whether this is feasible. But you have to work actively on your resolutions – and I'm very strong-willed, “says the 24-year-old.

& laquo ; I want to make my friend vacuum & raquo;

Friend Leonard (24) seems to have completely different plans for the new year: “I don't need a new resolution because my old resolutions are still untouched. Oops. Anyway, I've made up my mind to buy less unnecessary stuff. This year I developed a talent for spending money unnecessarily. In 2022 I'll try to save and invest my money better instead of buying myself any garbage that I think is cool. An example: I just bought a Tesla last week. »

& laquo; I want my friend to vacuum-clean bring & raquo;

R’n’B gold throats Naomi Lareine (27) would like to dedicate myself entirely to her music in 2022: “My resolution for 2022 is that I want to put my full power into music and that I don't want to waste my time on unnecessary things. In addition, I don't want to be dragged down by negative things like Corona or other bad vibes. This is of course a very difficult resolution because it is human that things go wrong every now and then. But that is really something I would like to work very hard on. »

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  • It's about

    • An ambitious start to the new year is one of the most popular traditions at the turn of the year.

    • The Swiss celebrities also have their resolutions for 2022.

    • You can see what the stars want to optimize this year in the photo gallery above.

    At the turn of the year they fly around your ears again: the good new year's resolutions. Some of us want to fulfill our wishes, others don't even take care of anything. But what about the celebrities? We asked around. Influencer Lina Senn (24) doesn't want to change anything in herself, but in her boyfriend. And musician ZID even more has a completely different view of popular custom.

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