The “Emily in Paris” actress chats up close and personal on a talk show and reveals that she had several unpleasant meetings with the British royals in her childhood.

As a two year old, Lily Collins threw a toy phone at Prince Charles' head.

& laquo; I threw a toy phone at Prince Charles' head & raquo;

How the British heir to the throne reacted at the time is not known. The «cheeky» girl is sure to stay with him.

 & laquo; I threw a toy phone at Prince Charles' head & raquo;

Head pointer Phil Collins, 70, was in regular contact with the Royals as an ambassador for Charles ’charity. His daughter also had an unpleasant experience with Diana.

That's what

  • Lily Collins (32) chats on a talk show and reveals that she has met the British royals several times.

  • But as a two-year-old she did not show herself at her best.

  • Princess Diana wanted to tear the flowers out of her hands. Prince Charles threw toys at her.

  • Today the actress laughs at the incidents.

Actress Lily Collins recently spoke on James Corden's (43) “Late Late Show” about the second season of the Netflix hit “Emily in Paris”, in which she plays the lead role. But the conversation quickly took a surprising turn: The 32-year-old revealed that she had already met the British royals several times. But she did not always show herself from her best side. Two royals felt this in particular.

Moderator Corden then shows a picture of little Lily and her parents Phil Collins (70) and Jill Tavelman (65). In front of them is none other than Princess Diana, who is just smiling and receiving a bouquet of flowers from Lily, who was then two years old. But behind the snapshot there is an amusing story. “I gave the flowers to Diana, but the moment she wanted to take them I tried hard to withdraw them,” she recalls and laughs. She doesn't even remember it because she was too young. Her parents told her that the whole room suddenly became quiet. “But I was wearing a cute dress, who would punish me?” Jokes Lily Collins.

& laquo; I threw a toy phone at Prince Charles' head & raquo;

Lily Collins is not at her best when she meets Princess Diana.

Her papa was an ambassador for Charles' organization

To James Corden's surprise, this wasn't the only story related to the British royal family. Because around the same time, she also met Prince Charles (73) – an encounter that should be remembered above all by the heir to the throne. “I was also told that when I was little I played with Prince Charles,” she says. “Then I threw a toy phone at him on the head.” This situation also caused wide eyes. But Collins does not reveal how the prince reacted.

There is a simple reason why she spent so much time with the royals: Her father was an ambassador for the charitable organization founded by Charles at the time “The Prince & # x27; s Trust” acts and has therefore been in frequent contact with the Prince of Wales. Her dad took her with him now and then, even if as a two-year-old she apparently tended to “do naughty and naughty things”.

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