Sofia Goggia outclasses the competition on the first descent of the season. Corinne Suter was the best Swiss woman with fifth place.

Lara Gut-Behrami without a chance

Sofia Goggia outclasses the competition on the first descent of the season. Corinne Suter was the best Swiss woman with fifth place.

Tempo, Tempo and Tempo. Already in the only practice session it was evident that the race in Lake Louise was being completed with great speed. Corinne Suter drove even faster in training than Beat Feuz, the fastest man in Lake Louise last week, even if the slope was slightly adjusted.

With Lara Gut-Behrami and Corinne Suter, two Swiss women were in focus at the speed start of the new season. Breezy Jonson set the first guideline time. Mirjam Puchner was just behind Johnson. The time of the American was pulverized only a short time later by Sofia Goggia. She pulled out a lead of 1.47 seconds. So the Swiss women were challenged.

With the number six, Priska Nufer dared to hit the slopes. However, Priska Nufer couldn't keep up with Goggia and lost a lot of time to the Italian (+2.64 seconds). Corinne Suter also had no chance against Sofia Goggia. She showed a solid ride without too much risk – no wonder after her injury break. In the end, there was a gap of over two seconds – but only half a second was missing from the podium and she was fifth. After the race she said: “I was missing the basic speed, I never got into driving.”

Next descent on Saturday

Lara Gut-Behrami also fell short of expectations. The woman from Ticino, who was struggling with breathing problems in the run-up to the race, lost a lot of time. A mistake in the middle section even cost her a place in the top 15. After all: After the race, she declared that her health is now better again. Jasmine Flury provided another ray of hope. The 28-year-old drove at a top speed of over 139 km/h and landed in ninth place. For Joana Hählen, however, the competition was a disappointment. She was almost four seconds behind after her run – but the piste hardly allowed anything. The best example of this: Shiffrin, who started with the number 31, was also 3.6 seconds behind.

The next descent is already on the program in Lake Louise on Saturday evening. The main thing there is to assert yourself against Sofia Goggia. Fifth place should certainly give Corinne Suter some confidence.

Your opinion

Good night and see you tomorrow!

& laquo; I never got into driving & ndash; Swiss women against Goggia without a chance

The last Swiss women: Kolly out, Jenal in 38th place

The minimum goal is the top 30 for the two debutants, let team boss Beat Tschuor before the races. Noémie Kolly does not succeed in this after a few seconds, unfortunately she retires early. Stephanie Jenal takes her run to the finish, but is five and a half seconds behind on 38th place.

Tomorrow there will be the next opportunity.

But: Part 2 will follow tomorrow!

And the other drivers, especially the Swiss, will be particularly hot to challenge the Italian. The second descent in Lake Louise starts on Saturday at 8:25 p.m.

Today you can record it like this … 31 Mikaela Shiffrin (USA)

Her friend Aleksander Kilde showed how it's done at the Super-G today. Of course, Shiffrin cannot really do the same on the descent. And yes, Shiffrin has nothing to report against Goggia either. The gap increases to over two seconds during the middle section. The American loses a lot of time, only 24th place for her at the finish.

24. 1:50:55 (+ 3.26)

Lara Gut-Behrami: «Not a great trip»

«I've been feeling better since yesterday afternoon. The difficulty today was the slope. There were many different ratios from top to bottom. I didn’t manage to ride that well, but that has little to do with my health ».

30 Romane Miradoli (FRA)

Two years ago in Lake Louise, the French woman showed that she is capable of good downhill performances. She finished seventh after a strong run. Today it clearly misses it. Just under the top 20.

19. 1:49:95 (+ 3.00)

First victory in 16 years

Since Elena Fanchini in 2005, no Italian has won the downhill in Lake Louise …

Goggia should win – who else will follow?

The race should have been over and Sofia Goggia took victory again in the first descent. No rider came anywhere near the Italian recently. Hütter was last in seventh place with over two seconds. But who else is coming?

We are still waiting for the two debutants in the Swiss team, Kolly and Jenal. Miradoli from France is also coming, and of course Mikaela Shiffrin, who has already won two World Cups. Of course, the downhill is not her favorite discipline, but she finished 17th in training.

24 Nicol Delago (ITA)

Another attractive performance that we are offered. Your little sister has already crossed the finish line and is in a great sixth place. Nicol Delago imitates her and takes the eighth intermediate place before Flury. Good Italian team performance.

8. 1:49:11 (+ 2.16)

23 Cornelia Hütter (AUT)

A strong run by Hütter, which has kept up with the best for a long time and even Suter is still a bit dangerous. In the final section she lost some time, it was seventh. With that, Jasmine Flury slips one step backwards.

7. 1:49:10 (+ 2.15)

Indeed – Flury second best Swiss21 Joana Hählen (SUI)

So, the next Swiss woman who wants to achieve an ideal result. According to team boss Beat Tschuor, you can also expect a lot from her this season. Unfortunately, from top to bottom, not much fits together with her. Shaking the head in the target area. Only 19th place for Hehlen.

19. 1:50:66 (+ 3.71)

Suter after her race: «Didn't get into the race from top to bottom»

«I was a little lacking in the basic speed. I didn't really get into the race from top to bottom, so it's still difficult to assess. »

20 Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR)

What can the World Cup tenth from Norway still achieve? Probably not much, which is already evident from the first measurement – seven tenths behind. With the best external conditions and sunshine, the piste doesn't get any better over time, of course. 16. Intermediate rank for her.

16. 1:50:19 (+ 3.24)

19 Ilka Stuhec (SLO)

Does it make the leading and apparently untouchable Goggia sweat a little, at least a little? In downhill training, Stuhec was second and only lost three tenths on Goggia. Today the picture is clearly different. Already in the third intermediate time, it was almost two seconds behind. At the finish she drives behind Gut-Behrami.

16. 1:50:19 (+ 3.24)

18 Francesca Marsaglia (ITA)

By the way, Corinne Suter is still in fifth place. At first glance, their drive straight to the finish was a bit disappointing. But meanwhile the picture is different, despite the big deficit.

Marsaglia also loses a lot of time and is classified behind Gut-Behrami, who is now in 14th place.

17. 1:51:09 (+ 4.14)

17 Elena Curtoni (ITA)

Another Italian is starting with Curtoni. But she doesn't see any country either. It is now the same picture over and over again. Depending on the situation, the deficit increases quite significantly, as in the case of the experienced Italian.

16. 1:50:20 (+ 3.25)

16 Jasmine Flury (SUI)

The next Swiss woman who can be expected a lot. At least that's what women's trainer Beat Tschuor said. After a change of material, things could go up for them. The first measurement is half a second behind, in the middle part it keeps up well and is on intermediate rank 12. Is there a good result? Yes, seventh place!

7. 1:49:26 (+ 2.31)

15 Tamara Tippler (AUT)

Now follows Tippler, another speed lady from the Austrian team. Similar picture also with her. At the beginning, the gap is still reasonable, but then it gets bigger and bigger.

8. 1:49:29 (+ 2.34)

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