Thousands of people are currently absent from work because they are in quarantine or isolation. Your colleagues therefore have to work overtime. The 20-minute community tells.

Switzerland is in mass quarantine.

 & laquo; I have to break off my vacation because the colleague is in quarantine & raquo;

Many employees cannot work from home and are no longer at work.

 & laquo; I have to break off my vacation because the colleague is in quarantine & raquo;

The remaining work colleagues now have to work overtime.

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  • The 20-minute community pushes overtime.

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    Because many work colleagues are stuck in quarantine.

  • Legally, employees have to work overtime if necessary.

< p> Over 140,000 people in Switzerland are in quarantine or isolation. Many of them can no longer do their work. In order for business to continue, work colleagues in many places now have to work shifts.

The 20-minute community is also affected. Readers tell how much more they have to work and how they are doing in times of mass quarantine.

«Residents are now neglected»

“At the moment I work ten to eleven hours a day,” says Nina *, 30 from Basel. She works in a retirement home and around a third of the staff is in quarantine due to Corona. Instead of the usual five, only three people now work per shift. The situation is stressful and exhausting.

“Above all, the residents are now neglected, that makes me really sad,” says Nina. There is already an emergency plan in place if even more staff should be absent. “But I hope it doesn't get that far, the whole thing scares me.”

«My children say I'm just working»

Heinz, 32 from Bern, feels the same way. He works in a social institution for mentally ill people. “At the moment a quarter to a third of the workforce is continuously missing because of the quarantine.” The remaining staff therefore work 20 to 40 percent more.

It is difficult because some patients are repeatedly tested positive. “I have the most trouble when my children say that I am only working or when they ask my wife whether I am on vacation,” says Heinz.

«I don't finish work until two o'clock in the morning»

Markus, 56 from Central Switzerland, is also overloaded. “I'm a bus driver and had to work through the last seven days because so many employees are in quarantine.” He doesn't finish work until one or two o'clock in the morning.

In general, there is a lack of staff in the job, but Corona is now making the situation worse. All employees are fully utilized. “We are slowly reaching the limit,” says Markus. Due to the strict working hours, younger employees are already quitting.

«I have canceled my vacation»

Coiffeuse Conci, 56 from Solothurn even had to cancel the vacation due to a lack of staff: “My work colleague has Corona and has to stay at home, so I flew home from Dubai.” Otherwise the company would have had to be closed.

If necessary, overtime has to be worked

According to lawyer and labor law expert Boris Etter, employees cannot avoid working overtime: “Employees in Switzerland are obliged to work overtime if this is operationally necessary.” However, overtime must be personally reasonable for the employee and, unless otherwise agreed, be compensated with wages or free time.

“In addition, the maximum weekly working hours of the labor law must be adhered to,” says Etter (see box below). The performance of overtime may be demanded, among other things, because of the urgency of the work or the avoidance of operational disruptions. However, overtime may not exceed 140 or 170 hours a year – depending on the maximum working hours.

This is the difference between overtime and overtime:

The employment contract stipulates how many hours employees have to work. Those who work more than the contractually agreed working hours work overtime. Overtime, however, is when the maximum weekly working time is exceeded by the labor law. The maximum weekly working time is 45 hours in industrial companies as well as for office staff, technical employees and sales staff in large retail companies. For all other employees it is 50 hours per week. Anyone who exceeds this maximum working time works overtime. Overtime usually also represents overtime, but overtime does not necessarily have to be overtime.

* Name changed

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