Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda are back! However, fans criticize the fact that controversial topics in the sequel of the hit series are only dealt with in rapid succession. Influencer Ana-Larina Cooper comments.

Back in the “Sex and the City” spin-off “And Just Like That”: Cynthia Nixon (55) as Miranda Hobbes, Kristin Davis (56) as Charlotte York and Sarah Jessica Parker (56) as the legendary Carrie Bradshaw. However, the revolutionary spirit of the original series seems to have been lost in fashion too.

 & laquo; I had to grab my head a few times & raquo;

Carrie's looks sparked a downright fashion hype between 1998 and 2010. Since “Sex and the City”, and precisely because of Carrie, names like Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin are popular today. We also learned from Carrie how to combine pieces from Brocki with designer clothes – here, for example, a purple taffeta skirt with a shirt by Dior.

 & laquo; I had to grab my head a few times & raquo;

Lawyer Miranda Hobbes is now wearing a plaid shirt dress by L’Agence. We still know Carrie's black studded belt from the first SATC film, but the fuchsia-colored “Tafetta” dress by Caroline Herrera is really not Carrie-like.

That's what it's about

  • “And Just Like That…” is the name of the sequel to the world-famous hit series “Sex And The City”.

  • Back then, the production made a name for itself, with the taboo topic of female sexuality being discussed extensively by Carrie and Co. in every episode.

  • The new version of the show also addresses important social issues – such as racism, Covid and getting older.

  • We asked fashion influencer Ana-Larina Cooper (30) what she thought of the spin-off.

Liberating, tingling and sexy: That was “Sex And The City” at the turn of the millennium when the series was first published. The stories of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, sexually liberated and financially independent to conquer New York in the 00s, drew crowds in front of their home screens. Now the makers of the hit series are back with the sequel “And Just Like That” – and the fans are missing a lot.

Stuck giggling instead of big mouth

For example, the open approach to one's own sexuality: In the sequel to the HBO mega-hit, the otherwise open Carrie breaks out into embarrassed giggles during a podcast on the subject of masturbation. For many fans this is incomprehensible. The fashion influencer Ana-Larina Cooper (30), who has already watched the series, however, thinks: “She just got older and you noticed that she was uncomfortable.” Nevertheless, she says that the topic should be dealt with openly, because: «Something like that is part of life!»

Samantha is missing

In the sequel there are only three of the four original leading actresses. Samantha, played by actress Kim Cattrall (65), has emigrated to London, according to Miranda. The reason for their absence is likely that Cattrall demanded that all four leading actresses earn the same amount.

In any case, fans seem to miss her character: “It's sad that the authors need four new characters to fill the void that Samantha has left,” writes a Twitter user.

«Miranda is socially awkward»

At least one is progressive: Miranda Hobbes played by Cynthia Nixon (55). While Carrie and Charlotte dye their hair, she wears hers gray. She is now doing a Masters in Human Rights and wants to be a role model. Nevertheless, the New York lawyer involuntarily insults the black professor in her first seminar.

“The scene in which Miranda meets her lecturer was personally pretty embarrassing and I had to grab my head a few times,” says Ana-Larina Cooper. Some people on Twitter feel the same way: “Miranda is now socially awkward, Charlotte has zero development in her character, Samantha is gone and all the extras are now over-enlightened.”

Charlotte remains tense

Charlotte York, played by Kristin Davis (56), is not a bit more relaxed than in the first film: The fact that her daughter Rose skates around in baggy clothes pulls her nerves. The uptight figure doesn't seem to be particularly well received by the fans: “I always thought I'm a Charlotte, but it turns out that I'm definitely a Miranda,” writes a Twitter user.

Social issues are only touched upon

“And Just Like That” discusses numerous socially critical topics that have become indispensable today – such as corona, racism and sexism. However, there still seems to be a lack of implementation. Many fans find that the topics are only dealt with superficially. “You are spasmodic and rummaged through in the first episode,” writes a Twitter user.

User Cherry has the last word, who thinks: “Samantha would never let her friends down like that, Miranda would definitely listen to podcasts, Carrie would give sex tips on the podcast as she did in her column, Mirandas compulsive attempt to be politically correct is totally uncomfortable and does not fit her figure. With so much put on wokeness, I feel sick. The show would never have come out like this before. ”

All ten episodes of the first season “And Just Like That…” are now available on Sky Show.

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