“I encourage Nouvelliste, my Nouvellist”

The traders in the Mauricie region have obviously not thrown in the towel regarding the durability of the Nouvelliste. The pharmacist owner of the two Uniprix Yves Bordeleau and Julie Houle of Trois-Rivières and Shawinigan, Yves Bordeleau, decided to reinvest a portion of his advertising budget in the Nouvelliste platforms. A few years after abandoning the pages of the Mauritian daily, he wants to create a “ripple effect” with regional merchants.
Following the emergency loan of up to $ 5 million granted to Groupe Capitales Médias on Monday, the survival of print media is further questioned by the people of Quebec. For Mr. Bordeleau, it is clear that regional merchants must “make an effort” to maintain the diversity of sources of information.

“I find it sad what happens. […] It saw my legs to see that, he laments. I can not imagine that there are more newspapers, more [regional] news. It’s important to have different sources of credible information, that it’s not concentrated in one place. ”

Mr. Bordeleau wants to give a “breath of energy” to his local newspaper, and this, encouraging other traders to invest a portion of their advertising budget in the pages of the Nouvelliste. “I do not invest in Google or Facebook because I have a regional conscience. […] I am convinced that traders are also concerned. They think they can not make a difference, but if 10 traders decide to do like me, to invest say $ 10,000 a year, it’s still $ 100,000 more. If we do not make an effort, who will do it? “, He adds.

He believes that it is by investing a portion of their advertising budget that merchants can do their part in the sustainability of regional media. “I think it’s important to be consistent and I think we need to support our media. Companies have a budget that exists for advertising, there is plenty of business that could be done to help. […] I want it to work and if I can do my little bit, it will already be won, “he says.

By putting this initiative forward, Mr. Bordeleau’s main goal is to contribute to the continuity and viability of a local source of information, such as Le Nouvelliste.

“If I tell readers and traders that I’m embarking, that Yves Bordeleau encourages Le Nouvelliste, my Nouvelliste, I hope that people will come to our home, even if it’s just to buy a bottle of shampoo. There has to be a global effect, an awareness of that, “he explains.

“What is the problem?”

While some thought that the six dailies of Groupe Capitales Médias, Le Nouvelliste, Le Droit, Le Quotidien, Le Soleil, La Tribune and La Voix de l’Est, were closing their doors. Following the announcement on Monday about the group’s financial difficulties, a solidarity movement is on the horizon. Indeed, the number of subscriptions has increased and more companies have changed their tune to place their advertisements, especially in the pages of Nouvelliste. “The readership is increasing, we see it in the polls. So what’s the problem? Merchants must stand up. Encouraging the media is about encouraging culture, “commented Mr. Bordeleau.

Moreover, a study conducted by Vividata last spring showed that readership was increasing for the newspapers of the Capital Media Group. An increase of 8% was recorded compared to the year 2018, ie 64,000 more readers for the different paper editions.

An increase was also noted on the various web platforms, while a million more readers per month consulted the websites of newspapers and nearly 4000 did the same for mobile applications.

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