In an interview, the actor and director talks about the day Halyna Hutchins died. At the same time, investigations into how the fatal accident could have occurred are in progress.

Alec Baldwin speaks in an interview about the day Halyna Hutchins died.

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The 42-year-old camerawoman died while shooting Baldwin's new film Rust.

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In an interview, Alec Baldwin says that it would be the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

That's about

  • More than a month after the accident on Film set, Alec Baldwin talks in an interview about the day Halyna Hutchins died.

  • In a one-hour interview, he answers the questions of the ABC moderator.

  • Investigations are still being made to clarify the course of the accident.

An emotional interview with actor and director Alec Baldwin will be broadcast on the US television channel “ABC” on Thursday evening. A two-minute teaser shows Baldwin burying his head in his hands. He starts to cry. He says it still doesn't feel real. TV presenter George Stephanopoulos asked the 63-year-old if the incident was the worst he had ever witnessed. “Yes, yes, because I think back and always think what I could have done,” replies Baldwin.

He also talks about the killed camerawoman Halyna Hutchins (42): “She was someone who loved everyone who worked with her. And was admired by everyone, »says the director and holds his hand in front of his face, he begins to cry. “It's still hard to believe. It just doesn't feel real to me ».

Ammunition investigations

Moderator Stephanopoulos asks, the question that is probably most interesting is how this could have happened. “The gun was in her hand. It wasn't even in the script that the trigger should be pulled ”,“ I didn't pull the trigger, ”replies Baldwin before the moderator finished. “I would never pull the trigger if I was aiming at someone. I would never do that, ”says Baldwin. “What do you think happened,” he is asked. The whole interview should last an hour and be broadcast on «ABC» on Thursday evening.

It is still not clear how the fatal shooting accident happened on set. Investigations are ongoing. It also determines how the deadly cartridge got onto the set and into the pistol. As the BBC writes, a search warrant had been issued for an arms supplier in the USA.

The death of Halyna Hutchins

On the set of the new film “Rust”, actor and director Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed camerawoman Halyna Hutchins. Director Joel Souza was also injured, but survived. How the incident came about is unclear. Baldwin assumed he was holding a so-called “cold weapon”, that is, without live ammunition. In the weeks that followed, reports and speculation about it tumbled. The case is not yet closed and the investigation is still ongoing.

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