Traumatic events in Muotathal. While going for a walk, a ten-year-old girl had to witness how five huskies attacked her little bitch in a blood frenzy and bitten her to death.

The Muotathal adventure world presented itself on Wednesday in an idyllic snowy environment.

Huskies mangle little dogs in front of their ten-year-old owner

But in December the huskies bit a little bitch dead for reasons that are still unexplained.

huskies mangle huskies ndchen before the eyes of his ten-year-old owner

Huskies have still bitten a little girl's bitch to death for reasons that are not clear. Investigations are still ongoing.

That's what

  • A Bolonka bitch was bitten by huskies in Muotathal in front of a ten-year-old.

  • How the girl is doing is unknown. The mother could not be reached on Wednesday.

  • The Muotathal adventure world is affected by the incident. The family should be financially compensated for the killed animal and the sled driver regrets what happened.

  • According to an expert, sled dogs behave differently in packs when they are running. Then your adrenaline could also increase.

  • The incident is now occupying the Schwyz canton police and the veterinary office.

This terrible drama took place on December 18 in Muotathal on a cross-country ski run: A ten-year-old girl was out and about with her Bolonka dog Laja in the Weid area near the football field when she encountered a dog sled from the Muotathal Adventure World. The sleigh driver was out with guests and a team of five huskies. At the sight of the little bitch, the dogs got out of control and bit Laja to death in front of the ten-year-olds. Although the girl got away without physical harm, she should never forget the sight of her dog being killed.

«Above all, it is tragic for the girl», says a resident in Muotathal, for example, and she goes on to say: Accidents like this can happen. Happiness and unhappiness are often together. ” Another woman says: “I think what happened is bad.” How the girl is doing is unclear. The family concerned could not be reached on Wednesday. It is therefore not known in detail how the bite attack took place.

The husky camp regrets the incident

There is concern at the Muotathal adventure world. There is talk of a tragic accident that was the first in the 23-year history of the husky camp. “We are extremely sorry,” says Carlo Heinzer from the Muotathal adventure world to the “Bote der Urschweiz” (paid item). Nobody wanted to comment on 20 Minuten from those responsible for the adventure world. The family should be financially compensated for the killed animal and the sleigh driver regrets what happened. He also asked the family how the girl was doing from a health point of view.

The incident now concerns the police: “We can confirm receipt of a report and it will be reported accordingly,” says Florian Grossmann, spokesman for Kapo Schwyz, on request. The veterinary office is now also involved, as Marco Gut, deputy cantonal veterinarian, confirmed on request. He says: “The clarifications on the details are ongoing. Because it is not a classic incident of a dog bite, we now have to clarify which measures are appropriate for these sled dogs. ” The main question is how such incidents can be avoided in the future.

«Dogs in a blood frenzy can no longer be tamed»

Gut describes the attack as a “non-classic incident”. According to an expert *, sled dogs behave differently in packs when they are running. Then your adrenaline could also increase. For Ernst Krüsi, a qualified animal psychologist, it is difficult to assess the incident. He says: “Of course, without knowing the details, it is difficult to give an accurate analysis. Basically, however, you have to say that huskies are socialized very differently than Bolonkas, for example. ” According to Krüsi, huskies, as original dogs, are used to living independently in a pack as much as possible.

Krüsi: “Bolonkas, on the other hand, are given to a family after a few weeks of life, which then takes very loving care of these animals.” According to Krüsi, the consequence of these different dog lives is that the two breeds can no longer communicate together. In addition, the huskies showed strong territorial behavior. Krüsi: “After all, dogs can no longer be tamed in a blood frenzy and you can only wait until it's over.”

* Name known to the editors

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