How to get rid of the tree in an “ecological” way

Well, it’s over. The holidays are already a thing of the past. Now is the time to pick up, clean up and push the recycling bin overflowing with wrapping paper to the street. And what about the Christmas tree? Everything depends. Here are some possible solutions to dispose of the king of the forests in an environmentally responsible way, to make your Christmas go from white to green.
Natural fir

If you have decorated your living room with a natural fir, you have several options. It is possible to replant it or give it a second life by recycling it.

• If it is a living tree in a pot, transplant it in the spring (on your land or that of an acquaintance who is willing, obviously);

• If its trunk has been cut, it cannot be replanted, but can still be used as a shelter for birds, squirrels, insects and other small urban beasts. Install it in your yard or garden, well secured with a support;

• Plug your tree and cut its trunk into logs which will be used as firewood;

• Using a shredder, reduce it to shavings to make it mulch, useful for covering the soil with your flowerbeds or for adding “brown matter” to your composting bin;

• A great idea from the Association of Christmas Tree Producers of Quebec: collect the needles of your conifer to make a potpourri that will perfume your home with a nice smell of fir!

If none of these options makes you happy, offer the tree to a neighbor who can make good use of it. Otherwise, turn instead to your municipality. Many cities have a recovery program or even a Christmas tree picking program.

Thus, Quebec City suggests taking its old fir tree – completely stripped of its ornaments – to the nearest ecocentre. She can thus check if they are contaminated before sending them to the composting center, where they will be shredded to be transformed into chips and mulch. You can find the list of ecocentres here .

In Lévis, it is suggested to drop off your festive plant at the eco-centers or at one of the City’s temporary drop-off points .

If, for one reason or another, none of the above possibilities suit you, then you can leave your fir tree in the garbage, cut into sections of less than 1.2 meters (4 ft) and placed next to the hopper .


tree Above all, do not throw your tree in the recycling bin! Like its natural “cousin”, the plastic tree is intended for the eco-center. The workers on site will find the most appropriate end of life for him. This type of service is available in most municipalities, including Quebec.

In Lévis, two options are added:

• participate in the collection of bulky items, sometimes called “monsters”, every 2 weeks, from mid-April to mid-November. You must first register online ;

• donate it to local organizations. The sorting guide, available here , lists them.

In short, when it’s plastic, think of an eco-center.

For the rest, it is not always easy to know what is recoverable or not. Here is a list of various decorations that go – or not – to the recycling bin, established by Recyc-Québec :

• goes in the bin : non-metallic wrapping paper, envelopes and paper cards, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, wine bottles and glass containers, cans, plastic bottles and cans (remember the deposit! );

• does NOT go into the bin : metallic wrapping paper, cabbage, ribbons, plastic utensils and plates, Christmas lights and bulbs, clothing, styrofoam, garlands, corks, Christmas balls or broken glasses.

For more information, visit the websites of Recyc-Québec or those of your municipalities.

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