The singer is said to have become a mother for the first time around Christmas. Your child is said to have been born in Helene's house on Lake Ammersee in Bavaria.

Helene Fischer is said to have become a mom around Christmas.

How risky was it alleged home birth of Helene Fischer?

The 37-year-old is said to have had a daughter, as «Bild» reports.

 How risky was Helene Fischer's alleged home birth?

The 37-year-old only made her pregnancy public in October.

That's what

  • According to “Bild”, Helene Fischer is said to have become a mother for the first time.

  • Your daughter is said to have seen the light of day around Christmas.

  • According to the German newspaper, the singer did not give birth in a clinic in nearby Starnberg, but in her property on Lake Ammersee.

Baby joy at Helene Fischer: As “Bild” wants to know, the 37-year-old and her fiancé Thomas Seitel (35) became parents for the first time. Around Christmas, the singer's daughter is said to have seen the light of day. According to the German newspaper, Fischer did not give birth in a clinic in nearby Starnberg, but in her home.

The little girl is said to have been born in the middle of an idyllic landscape, directly on Lake Ammersee and a stone's throw from Munich. The new parents had their own luxury home built there. In 2017, the singer bought a plot of land with a jetty and boathouse in the small village of Inning – at the time with her ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen (40).

Home birth in a luxury villa

Luxury real estate broker Oliver Herbst sold Helene the property on which another villa previously stood. “They tore them off,” he reveals to “Spiegel”. After several problems during the construction period, the new house was finally habitable last year. Several bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, large windows including a view of the Ammersee and a spacious garden should belong to the luxury property.

Incidentally, with the alleged home birth, Helene Fischer joins prominent society. Singer Hilary Duff (34) gave birth in your own four walls, as did actress Nina Bott (44), top model Gisele Bündchen (41), actress Demi Moore (59) and supermodel Cindy Crawford (55). Home births are rare in Switzerland. According to the Swiss Midwives Association, only about one percent of all births take place at home in this country. According to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), there are just 771 per year.

Fischer parents bring food

Different international studies show that births in your own home are just as safe as births in hospital, as Doris Gütter, Managing Director of the Swiss Midwives Association, explains to According to, the advantage of this is that you are in a familiar and cozy environment in your own home, which also improves relaxation. In addition, there are no hospital bacteria with which one could become infected and a midwife remains present for the entire birth, since there is no shift change.

However, a few things should be considered: In an emergency, the pregnant woman has to be taken to the hospital, which takes precious time. The home birth is therefore not suitable for high-risk pregnancies or women with a disease. As also writes, it is important that the general state of health, the course of pregnancy and possibly earlier birth courses do not lead to significant complications being expected.

However, the infrastructure of a hospital is also missing in your own four walls. And while you are being cared for in the hospital or in the birthing center in the postpartum period, you have to organize care and food privately when giving birth at home. With Helene, her parents should help her because they live nearby. According to “Bild”, Maria and Peter Fischer's pink small car has been standing in front of their house on a regular basis since the alleged home birth. They should bring their daughter food and support the neo-parents.

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