The 100 songs that the Swiss have streamed and bought the most in 2021 have been determined. Here are five findings from the annual hit parade.

The upcoming slides show the top 10 singles in the Swiss annual charts – in ascending order.

What do you think you, how many Swiss made it into the annual charts?

10. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights.

 What do you think, how many Swiss made it into the annual charts?

9. Glass Animals – “Heat Waves”.

That's what

  • is aboutAround the 100 most successful songs of the past year.

  • So in Switzerland.

  • And what we can read from this list .

  • We exclude the 100 most successful albums – are still a little hungover from New Year's Eve, sorry.

  • You but you can find it there on the official web portal of the hit parade.

  • We can only show you the link, you have to tap it yourself.

  • Uuuh, Morpheus vibes!

  • Yeah, we watched the new «Matrix» movie – and so apparently belong to a minority.

The Sea Shanty sinks everyone

The viral hit cover of the New Zealand sailor's song “Wellerman”, sung by the Scot Nathan Evans, ensured that at the beginning of last year people searched for “Shanty” more than ever before in Google history. 220 Kid and Billen Ted tailored the piece in a mainstream house garment and have kept it in the Swiss Top 100 for 49 weeks – 13 of them at the top.

Only one woman makes it into the top 10

The GfK, which compiles the local charts, lists a total of 17 acts in the top 10 of the singles hit parade of the year – only one of them is female. Namely, the South African Nomcebo Zikode who contributed the lyrics to the Master KG hit «Jerusalema» – you know, the track, the licensing of which has strained the budget of numerous dance-loving police corps. The version with Burna Boy also on the mic made it to number two in the annual charts.

2 Swiss acts sing in the Top 100

To get into the singles hit parade with a Swiss song is difficult enough – then to make it into the annual charts deserves a standing ovation. Two acts did it in 2021: on the one hand, the old masters Lo & amp; Leduc with “Tribut” in 73rd place and on the other hand Zian with “Show You” in 93rd place. Particularly impressive at Basler: The piano power ballad is his debut single.

All I Want for the yearly charts is at least once no Christmas carols but here we are

Same procedure as every year: Reliably from mid-November the Swiss population streams and buys like owned the same handful of Christmas songs until finally in time for Baby Jesus' birth party, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey and “Last Christmas” by Wham! snow the first two places on the charts. This is also reflected in the annual charts: The first catchy tune is ranked 86th, the latter ranked 92nd.

The top dogs in 2021

And the price for most singles The Swiss annual hit parade goes to … five acts, each represented with three tracks:

  • The Weeknd (3. “Save Your Tears”, 10. “Blinding Lights”, 85. “Take My Breath”)

  • Ed Sheeran (4. «Bad Habits», 28. «Afterglow», 29. «Shivers»)

  • Lil Nas X (5. «Montero», 31. «Industry Baby», 91. «Thats What I Want»)

  • the ESC winners Måneskin (13th «Beggin '» , 42. “I Wanna Be Your Slave”, 67. “Zitti e buoni”)

  • Olivia Rodrigo (14th “Good 4 U” , 25. «Drivers License», 99. «Deja Vu»)

The complete annual hit parade including the top 100 albums can be found here.

And there are the most successful Tiktok songs of 2021.

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What do you think how many Swiss made it into the annual charts?

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