Hlene Pedneault, the soul of the Jonquiere Library

If Hélène Pedneault’s remains are buried in Shipshaw Cemetery since Thursday, her spirit resides at the Jonquière municipal library. Not only does it bear the name of the writer, but her face as represented by the painter Pascal Picard, her books, as well as objects that have marked her too short life, testify to the inseparable bond that the council has just dedicated Municipal Council of Saguenay.
R call that the councilor Jonathan Tremblay carried this project since the beginning of its first mandate, in the wake of the steps initiated shortly after the death of Hélène Pedneault, which occurred in 2008. Its first attempts had received an icy welcome from the ex-mayor Jean Tremblay, but the elected jonquiérois returned to the charge following the election of Josée Néron. Enthusiastic, this one entrusted to him the mandate to carry this file, in parallel with the update of the policy of nomination of the city.

“I am happy to commemorate the artist as much as the woman and the activist. She helped change the world, one step at a time, “said the mayor at the beginning of the ceremony held in the late afternoon, in the multipurpose room of the library Hélène-Pedneault. She also praised the work of his colleague, whose emotion was so intense that he preferred to read a text to be sure not to forget anything.

Speaking to dozens of people, including artists, members of the Professional Association of Sagamie writers, representatives of the media, elected officials of all kinds, but most of all, many members of the Pedneault clan, Jonathan Tremblay echoed the personality of Hélène Pedneault in describing the ceremony that had just begun. “It’s not protocol. It’s a party, “he summed up.

For his part, Sylvain Gaudreault, Member of Parliament for Jonquière in the National Assembly, highlighted three main points of the Jonquière’s journey: nationalism, feminism and literature. He also addressed the family, especially the youngest, Sylvain, as well as his sisters Raymonde and Danielle: “I can not imagine how you feel today. ”

To get an idea, it was enough to see the touching homage rendered by Sylvain Pedneault, first by means of a film, then by voice. Many will have learned that her sister was passionate about science, well before writing the play The Deposition, played in several countries, to invest in journalism and the creation of shows, to lay three biographies of Clémence Desrochers, as well as songs and essays where filtered his strong taste for commitment.

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