His service dog attracts him into trouble

Son chien d'assistance lui attire des ennuis

MAGOG – assistance dogs can play a big role with people with disabilities or suffering from various problems. But it is not always simple, for these people, finding a place to live with their pet. The Magogoise Sandra Bergeron is evident.

Bergeron suffers from post-traumatic shock. Aware of her state, her doctor has prescribed to get a service dog, presumably so that the animal will sustain in the event that it crosses.

The Magogoise has undertaken to develop it-even a beast for that she gets the support she needs. It seems to have done a good job in the field of dressage, but she is drawn to problems of nature rental. In effect, the owners of the building in which she lives, Jean-Philippe Langlois and Joane Leblanc, showed him the door for non-compliance of the terms of its lease.

“In his lease, he is writing that it does not have the right to have a dog in his apartment,” said Mr. Langlois. There were two purposes of the lease since it was notified of the problem and she did not want to leave it by itself. It has, therefore, taken the means to comply with the rules. “

For that the situation is resolved finally, it is addressed to the Régie du logement. His approach has led Sandra Bergeron to accept from next may. The two parties have signed a document stating that the lease will end at this time.

The tenant believes that he / she would have been able to plead his case by invoking the Charter of rights and freedoms of the person. But she says, to have chances to win, it would have needed a specialist, a psychologist or a medical doctor, for example, agrees to come to the Régie du logement to testify in his favor. “These are people who are difficult to move,” claims she.


Bergeron acknowledges that she would have preferred to retain its current housing, which is located in an area that she particularly enjoys. “Why the owners of the houses have an advantage over the people in the apartment? Them, they do not need to have the agreement of the person to have a dog “, she notes.

Baptized Chase, the animal of the Magogoise it provides psychological support and therapy. “It is colleux and affectionate. It helps me to stay focused on the present moment and on what is essential, all of it without judgment. I find that it is the best helping. “

Jean-Philippe Langlois reproach, however, Sandra Bergeron to have had more than one dog in recent years. And he says that these have caused inconvenience to the neighbours.


Working as zoothérapeuthe, Isabelle Bouthillette knows the course of Ms. Bergeron and considers that it has actually need a service animal. She also claims that Chase is a ” very good pet “.

However, Mrs. Bouthillette said to understand that an owner of rental property may object to the presence of a chiendans a housing belonging to him. “The animals sometimes damage floors “, note-t-elle among others.

She considers that the ideal, for Sandra Bergeron, would have been to acquire a dog trained by an organization similar to Mira or Dogs in Togo. “When the animal is accredited, it is not a problem. It becomes more problematic otherwise. That said, I must recognize that it is not easy to get one. So it is complicated for people in such a situation, ” she says.

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