His cell retrieved after two days in a lake … and it still works

Elena Gibson was thinking of saying goodbye to her cell phone after she accidentally escaped to Davignon Lake last Wednesday. However, a great stroke of luck and the great heart of a good Samaritan brought it together with his device, still functional, a few days later.
C ‘is returning from a walk with the girls on the Davignon lake that 16 year old woman realized her cell phone, iPhone 8+, had disappeared from the boat.

“We put it on our towels, but it was gone when we came back from swimming,” she says candidly. We were looking everywhere, he was no longer there, so I thought he must have fallen when we were at the other end of the lake. ”

Elena Gibson was thinking of saying goodbye to her cell phone after she accidentally escaped to Davignon Lake last Wednesday.

“She told me it was just material, that she would buy another one with the money she earned at work,” says Daphné Staples, a Massey-Vanier High School teacher. For me, a 16-year-old teenager is mature enough to react like that, it’s the most beautiful thing in this story! ”

“My friends were surprised that I did not care more than that! Elena acknowledges.

Improbable take

It is therefore without much regard for this loss that the young woman continued its merry way, until Saturday morning, she receives a message in his Facebook messaging.

“I found an iPhone in the water, is it yours? She could read.

A message signed by Maxime André Boulay, another resident of Cowansville who went to the lake Friday to tease the fish. However, his fishing trip ended with an improbable catch.

“I was by the lake, and I noticed something white in the water, about three or four feet from the edge and deep. I tried to take it out with my fishing rod, “he says.

The fisherman then tried to recover the object with branches, without success. Then he remembered that he had a rope and a magnet in his vehicle.

“A few years ago, I saw an internet video of people fishing with a magnet. I bought one, but it never served me, says Mr. Boulay. With the sticks, I managed to make a pole to bring the object back to the edge and that’s where I noticed it was a phone. ”

Knowing that the new iPhone is waterproof, Mr. Boulay has brought the phone “a little dirty, but not broken and no wear mark” at home.

“When I plugged it in, it started charging and it was still working. I did not know how long he had been in the water, “he says.

The phone being locked, Mr. Boulay could not use his contents to trace his owner. However, he managed to find Elena Gibson thanks to the Sim card of the device, connected to the teenager’s Facebook account.

Sweet Reward

An appointment is given at Cowansville Beach on Saturday early in the evening. The meeting allows the delivery of the phone to its owner, who as a reward offered a maple syrup pie to his benefactor.

And even better: the device works as if nothing had happened. “My phone is in perfect condition even though it has spent two days in the water! “Rejoices Elena.

“It’s a small miracle,” adds his mother, still astonished by the young man’s honesty. It’s a cell phone that is expensive, hundreds of dollars. But he, when he found it, he did not keep it, he did everything to find his owner! ”

“It made my day too, I was happy to have helped him,” admits Mr. Boulay. “I myself bought a new phone recently and I know what it’s worth. It’s the least of things to give back to someone what belongs to him. ”

As the good news goes fast, the adventure of the iPhone Elena has reached the ears of a member of the management of Apple Canada, the manufacturer of the phone.

The company, more accustomed to receiving complaints about its products than thanks, wishes to make history known through its North American branch.

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