An American podcast is coming to the screen, and a special reboot of “Fantasy Island” is also starting – this is new this week on the streaming services.

The trailer for “Archive 81”.

That's what it's all about

  • Here are the most exciting streaming starts of the week.

  • Netflix turns a podcast into a horror series.

  • In the «Fantasy Island» reboot, the series gets a new coat of paint.

«Archive 81»

The American podcast “Archive 81” tells fictional horror stories that get under your skin. There are now three seasons of it, and Netflix has now made a series out of it: In it, the archivist Dan (Mamoudou Athie) is supposed to save damaged video cassettes from the documentary filmmaker Melody (Dina Shihabi), she did investigative research into a cult in 1994.

It gets spooky when Dan sees on a tape that something terrible happened to Melody while he was working.

Horror pro at work

Even though it's been over 25 years, Dan is convinced he can still change Melody's ending – switch to two time planes we from the past to the present and back.

Showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine has polished the series with James Wan: The horror professional is the director behind “Saw”, “Conjuring” and “Malignant”.

“Archive 81” will be available from the January 14 on Netflix.

«Fantasy Island»

Around forty years ago, Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) welcomed him to the ABC -Series «Fantasy Island» guests.

In the paradisiacal holiday resort, her deepest wishes came true on a magical island. Or better: They often didn't get what they wanted, but what they really needed.

Roselyn Sanchez as successor

In the reboot, Roselyn Sanchez embodies Mr. Roarke's great-niece: Elena leaves her life in New York to become his successor. “My idea is that the audience will eventually want to hug Elena,” Sanchez says of her role on TV Insider.

The series was filmed in Puerto Rico, where Sanchez grew up. It was important to the team that the reboot improved in terms of representation: “Ricardo Montalban was Latino, but it was never mentioned where Roarke came from,” Sanchez told TV Line. “His character was very mysterious. This time I'm opening the show in Spanish, so this woman is a proud Latina.”

Modern version

The show picks up on the story but also differs from the previous one: “It's a modern version of 'Fantasy Island' from a strong female point of view Elizabeth Craft, who co-produced the series with Sarah Fain, tells TV Insider.

Behind the camera, jobs from direction to department head were mostly filled by women.

“Fantasy Island” will be available on Sky Show from January 16.

The trailer for “Fantasy Island”.

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