$ 650,000 for a virtual yacht, four million for an in-game plot of land. Huge sums of money are paid for NFTs. These are the most important platforms.

Celebrate with Snoop Dogg: In the virtual world of Sandbox , players can buy their own virtual land and go to the party of Snoop Dogg and other artists.

 This is where users feed millions of amounts into the metaverse

Over a million players are currently playing in the Alpha -Version from Sandbox .

Here-buttern user million-users ; go into the metaverse

In the virtual world of Decentraland , players can offer mini-games.

That's what

  • Billions of dollars are turned over in the Metaverse.

  • Numerous platforms attract with games and marketplaces.

  • 20 minutes shows you the most important ones.

Facebook is now called Meta and wants to be involved in the metaverse mega trend with a lot of money. In the future, people should play, shop, attend concerts together and much more in the virtual world. Meta's first attempt is the game Horizon Worlds with virtual reality glasses to immerse yourself in the Metaverse.

The game can now be tested in the beta phase in the USA – but it's not finished yet. Dozens of users are already playing on other Metaverse platforms and spending a lot of money on avatars and virtual objects: They want to express themselves individually, just like with the outfits in Fortnite.

But there are no non at Fortnite -Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These ensure, for example, that players have ownership rights to purchased avatars. The NFT goods are thus unique and forgery-proof – at the virtual party in the Metaverse it does not happen that two people wear the same dress.

20 minutes shows the booming Metaverse platforms and NFT exchanges.


  • Content: In the virtual sandbox world in the style of Minecraft, players can build a platform according to their ideas and buy land, house and furniture as NFTs on the associated marketplace.

  • < p> Boom: Over a million players are already enjoying themselves in the alpha version; 12,000 have bought land and prices are skyrocketing. An anonymous gamer sold a virtual yacht for $ 650,000. Game manufacturer Atari sold a virtual house for $ 4.3 million – the highest price for virtual land anywhere.

  • Course: The price of the cryptocurrency SAND, which is part of the sandbox, has increased by over 7100 percent since it began in September 2020. The token's market capitalization is $ 20 billion.

  • Background: The game should be available to the general public in 2022. Advertising partners like Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and the Smurfs are also in the game. Earlier versions of the game have been available for mobile phones since 2012, but at that time still without blockchain technology and thus also without NFTs.


  • Content: In the virtual world of Decentraland, too, a lot revolves around the purchase and construction of virtual land. In it, the players can offer mini-games, for example. There is also a music club with weekly events.

  • Boom: In the beginning of 2017, properties in Decentraland only cost $ 20; in the meantime there are coveted places not under $ 100,000. The most expensive land purchase was $ 2.4 million.

  • Course: In the virtual world, the crypto currency Mana can be used to buy virtual land, avatars and wearables. The rate of the currency has increased by almost 14,000 percent since 2017. The token's market capitalization is $ 5.3 billion.

  • Background: Decentraland has been open since the beginning of 2020, crowd investing for the currency began in 2017. Companies and countries are represented in the game, for example the island state of Barbados has announced a virtual embassy.

< h3 class = "Crosshead_crosshead__1H9Xt Crosshead_siteAreaNews__bkbua Crosshead_typeStandard__20hdY"> OpenSea

  • Content: OpenSea is currently the largest marketplace where users generate NFTs and, as with Can sell or auction on Ebay. You can buy tricks, music, crypto-coins and much more. You need a crypto wallet for trading.

  • Boom: There were $ 14 billion worth of transactions on OpenSea this year. That is significantly more than the competition and corresponds to an increase by a factor of 646 compared to 2020. And the boom is only just beginning. Opensea achieved 94 percent of its income between August and December.

  • Course: OpenSea does not have its own token. The pictures of the Bored Ape Yacht Club have brought in the most money since the platform was launched, at over a billion dollars. At the beginning of last April, one of the artist collective's 10,000 pictures cost less than $ 200; meanwhile it costs an average of about 210,000 dollars.

  • Background: OpenSea charges 2.5 percent fees for every NFT bought and sold. The company made headlines this year when it fired its product boss for insider trading and because there are repeated rumors of an IPO.


  • Content: Rarible is another large trading platform for creating and selling NFTs for works such as digital ones Art, memes, or virtual lots. The company's own crypto currency RARI is traded. With this, users are also entitled to vote on important changes to the platform.

  • Boom: The platform has grown steadily since it started in 2019. There are now over two million users a month on the site. In 2021 they spent $ 273 million on NFT works.

  • Course: The course of the RARI has increased by over 5000 percent since it started in August 2020 . The market capitalization is 89 million dollars.

  • Background: Rarible, like Opensea, charges a fee of 2.5 percent for transactions.

These are the craziest NFTs

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