In Leos Carax's new film, the focus is on a weird couple, and a drama about two unhappy marriages starts – these films are now in the cinema.

The trailer for «Annette».

That's what it's all about

  • Here you can find out which films are coming to theaters this week.

  • Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard play a special pair of lovers.

  • A drama sheds light on two unhappy marriages.


“I got the audience ready, and how did your show go?” Says Henry (Adam Driver) to the opera singer Ann (Marion Cotillard) after his performance. “I saved it,” replies Ann.

The dialogue describes the two well: As a stand-up comedian, Henry stands on stage in a bathrobe and uses his punch lines to target his self-hatred. In contrast, Ann celebrates international success with her voice – and the two fall in love.

The media celebrate them

The couple become the media darlings when they rush through Los Angeles on Henry's motorcycle (while Henry sings, as does during sex). The fact that the two lovers are so different keeps making the headlines.

The climax: the birth of their daughter Annette – but then women turn to the public who saw Henry as aggressive.

Grotesque meets groovy

“Everyone is afraid of being a bad father. The film explores that », says Leos Carax to« SBS »about« Annette ». The film is dark, grotesque – and groovy: the French director hired the art-pop duo Sparks for the soundtrack.

“I really liked the joy and emotion in their songs,” explains Carax. The project turned out to be a lot darker than the duo had expected: “I don't know how that happened. That's just me. »

“Rifkin’s Festival”

PR manager Sue (Gina Gershon) takes care of the public relations work for the celebrated director Philippe (Louis Garrel). To do this, she travels with him to a film festival in San Sebastian – which Sue's husband, retired film professor Mort (Wallace Shawn), doesn't like at all.

He accompanies them and wants to work on a script. Mort can't stand Philippe and suspects Sue is having an affair with him.

Stinging in the chest

Because of all the emotional stress that Mort is charging, he always feels a stinging in his chest. To have it checked out, he turns to a doctor in San Sebastian.

He meets with understanding with Jo (Elena Anaya), she is also in an unhappy marriage with the painter Paco (Sergi López) – and Mort falls in love with her. He invents that ailment and becomes a hypochondriac so that he can come back to the practice again and again.

The trailer for «Rifkin's Festival».

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