In a three-hour documentary, the VOX broadcaster reviewed the last 15 years of Helene Fischer. In it, the singer herself showed herself emotionally and up close.

Helene Fischer gave insights into her life in the VOX documentary” Helene Fischer – 15 years of intoxication with success “.

Helene Fischer breaks in tears from

In addition to scenes from 15 years in the music business, she was also available to answer questions from presenter Janin Ullmann (40).

 Helene Fischer breaks into tears

The viewers also got a glimpse of her growing baby bump.

That's what it's about

  • On Saturday, the VOX broadcaster broadcast a three-hour documentary about Helene Fischer.

  • It looked back on the singer's last 15 years.

  • The 37-year-old was also seen in the interview and showed herself from a personal and emotional side during the recording.

  • Here are the most important anecdotes from three hours of Helene Fischer.

15 years summarized in three hours: Saturday evening at VOX was all about Helene Fischer. The German superstar is celebrating its 15th anniversary. From 8.15 p.m., the audience in “Helene Fischer – 15 years of intoxication with success” immersed themselves in the musical world of today's 37-year-olds. She grants – with a visible baby bump – exclusive insights into her life in conversation with presenter Janin Ullmann.

Helene and the quick fame

In her first interview in 2004, Helene Fischer declared that she was “not cool” to red carpets and applause. But things soon turned out differently: after graduating from high school, the then 16-year-old applied to the “Stage & amp; Musical School »in Frankfurt. “My audition was a bit chaotic because it was the last day of the entrance exam and I just went there,” says Helene.

Her plan worked, she was accepted, and graduated in 2003. This was followed by her first TV appearance at the side of her ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen – at that time the artist still called herself “Helen Fisher” – a recording contract and in 2006 the first appearance on television with her own song. To Florian she said: “I really just held onto him a little bit. I was very happy that he was by my side. »

Helene and her elixir of life

In 2007 the singer went on her first own tour. It was a really big number, but “I was not yet ready to present myself as I do today with ease and joy”. It now plays in front of 120,000 spectators in sold-out arenas. Her 2015 concert in Berlin's Olympiastadion is particularly memorable. Lightning raged in the sky, pouring rain fell. “They wanted me to go off the stage,” said Helene, but she didn't care. «I threw myself on the floor. I wallowed in the rain. It was one of the most beautiful moments. “

Her” absolute crowning achievement “was” that I got such a personality show, filled with all the things I love. ” “The Helene Fischer Show” has been flickering on TV screens since 2011. Last year it had to be canceled due to Corona, and there will be no new edition in 2021 either.

Helene and the «balloon»

In one moment of the documentary, Helene is more emotional than ever. In the recording studio “somewhere in Bavaria” she sings the song “Luftballon”, a ballad on her new album. It is about the loss of a loved one. After a few minutes, however, she has to stop recording. “In one go, that's real …” says Helene and breaks off again. Tears run down her cheeks, she struggles with composure. «Singing through in one is very emotional.»

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Helene Fischer breaks into tears

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Helene and the media

Despite all the wonderful and unforgettable moments in her long career , the singer has always struggled with the press. Several pregnancies, weddings and divorces have been reported to her. “These are all lies,” admits Helene – and further: “It's nerve-wracking that I always have to take legal action against it.” Often she even wrote messages full of anger, but never sent them.

In the end, however, she draws a positive balance from the last 15 years: «I've been so lucky in all these years. I am grateful for what I was able to create. I've never experienced real failures. »

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