Health system: not so dark

We say bad things about our health care system. I just spent almost two weeks in the hospital and I say nothing good.
I thank wholeheartedly the staff of the Family Medicine Unit of the Blessed Sacrament Hospital, from nurses to nursing assistants and attendants, for their care, attention and patience.

I thank the doctors for the time they spent to explain my problems in a clear and detailed way, for their advice. They are criticized too easily. Their work is difficult, their responsibilities are heavy, our lives. I do not name anyone for fear of forgetting someone, but all will recognize each other.

I also did a one-day visit to the Heart Institute. I was amazed by the technology, of course, but also by the rigor of the organization, the good mood of doctors, technicians and others. All this soothes the patient and dispels his worries.

There are of course some irritants. One night in the ER corridor is rather painful, but I understand that you are locked in when you are stabilized and other patients need to be paid attention.

I have eaten little during this period. The food is less than anything. But here too we put efforts.

Dieticians inquired about my tastes and the menu was slightly modified. Corn Flakes has replaced oatmeal! You can make fun, but it was a lot in the circumstances.

I’m not naive either. I know the system is failing. We must distinguish the case of patients who arrive at the hospital by ambulance and which we are dealing with quickly (this was my case), and the often painful situation of those who are less sick and do not know where to turn to. get treatment.

Finally, we must be careful not to generalize from case to case, stories of horror that are often the headline.

Everything is not black, quite the contrary. I wanted to testify.

Florian Sauvageau , Quebec

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