The group from Austria is assigned to right-wing extremism. Nevertheless, the Swiss financial institution has an account in the name of their bosses. Supporters could use this to pay in money for the organization.

Martin Sellner is head of Identity Movement Austria.

boss of the Identity movement has an account with Postfinance

As the CH Media newspapers report, he has an account with Postfinance. This is surprising: because numerous financial institutions in Europe had blocked the right-wing extremist's accounts in the past.

boss of the Identity movement has an account at Postfinance

The 33-year-old is repeatedly in public because of sensational incidents.

That's what

  • Martin is about Sellner is head of the Austrian Identitarian Movement.

  • The 33-year-old is known across the continent; most banks refuse to provide him with their services.

  • According to the latest findings, Swiss Postfinance continues to maintain an account for Sellner that is actively used.

The 33-year-old Austrian Martin Sellner is the founder and spiritual father of the Identitarian Movement. The group is classified by experts as right-wing extremist and has been confronted with legal problems on various occasions, including a donation from the Christchurch assassin. As the CH Media newspapers report, several banks have terminated their business relationships with Sellner in the past. He now has his bank account in Switzerland: with Postfinance to be precise.

Postfinance remains silent on the matter

Sellner's bank account has been blocked a total of 37 times in the past. The financial institutions do not want to cooperate with the controversial activist and probably fear legal consequences. In Austria, the authorities launched an investigation in 2019 after it became known that Sellner had received a donation of 1,500 euros from Brenton Tarrant in spring 2018. The Australian then killed 50 people in Christchurch, New Zealand. The investigations were discontinued in 2021 due to a lack of evidence of a connection.

According to the CH Media newspapers, Sellner and his supporters have recently been calling for donations via their newsletter. The money can be transferred to the account in Switzerland. Compared to 20 Minuten, Postfinance explains that they cannot provide any information on the specific case. Accounts would generally be available to customers in Switzerland “and, if applicable, in neighboring countries”. However, as part of the due diligence, you continuously check whether a business relationship may or must be broken off.

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