Joren van Pottelberghe is the secure backing of EHC Biel. The 24-year-old has top statistics – but that is totally unimportant to him.

Joren van Pottelberghe is the reliable support of EHC Biel.

He is the Bieler Wand and a Nati goalie candidate for Beijing

The 24-year-old keeper has top statistics.

 He is the Bieler Wand and a Nati goalie candidate for Beijing

He gets the fewest goals against. At least with the goalkeepers, who have played over 15 games.

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    EHC Biel is one of the best teams in the National League.

  • Goalie Joren van Pottelberghe is the safe support of the Zealanders.

  • The 24-year-old is statistically the best keeper in Switzerland.

EHC Biel has been a leader several times this season. In November there were only three wins from seven games and the Zealanders are currently in fifth place in the table. However, the Bielers are on a direct course to the playoffs. One of the people who, with his strong performances, has contributed to the EHC being in the top group is the goalie.

Joren van Pottelberghe currently has the best track record among the goalkeepers who have played over 15 games. Specifically, this means that the 24-year-old allows fewer goals than anyone else: 2.12 on average in the 60 minutes of regular playing time (see statistics in the photo series). However, these statistical values ​​mean nothing to the keeper, he doesn't look at things like that, “I only care what we do from game to game,” said the goalie at 20 Minuten.

The native of Zug has also played the most games of all goalies of the current season with 25 games. It's not a problem for the 24-year-old, he doesn't feel drained. “If that were the case, I would have to address that. Otherwise it is of no use to me or the team if I walk on my gums, ”says Van Pottelberghe.

Beijing as a big goal

The Swiss, who has Belgian parents, is also an issue for the national team thanks to his strong performances. He was there at the Germany Cup and for national coach Patrick Fischer he is certainly a candidate for the Olympic Games in Beijing. Van Pottelberghe says clearly: “That is one of the big goals of this season that I am working towards. It's a tournament that doesn't take place every year, so you really want to be part of it. That would be really cool if I could help out. ” He is aware that it will take another two months and that he can only convince Fischer with good performances in games and training.

So it means to give everything again in the National League. At the weekend the opponents are ZSC Lions (away) and Servette (at home). “We have played against these opponents several times, so I would expect similar games, hard-fought, close, close.” In the season duel with Geneva, Biel are 1: 2 behind, which calls for a revenge. Van Pottelberghe says it was in the back of my mind a day or two before the game. “But as soon as you're on the ice, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter who you're playing against.”

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