Grande Allee: the new Mauritius is considering closing

Dissatisfied with traffic since the opening of the “new” Mauritius last spring, the administration is considering closing the establishment in the fall.
“The customer is not at the rendezvous as we wanted,” says Dean Fortin. He blames, among others, the abundant rain during the opening of the terraces on Grande Allée, on June 13th. “There were not even 500 people this year,” he says.

The terrace of the Maurice Night Club is open during the day, and closes at 23h.

Reclaiming a clientele

Mr. Fortin joined the adventure with his wife Isabelle Jacques and businessman Jilo Vielleuse. They have invested $ 500,000 with a lease for the time being until the fall. “It will allow us to see if it’s a good deal as we believe,” said the Sun, Mr. Fortin, who is the cousin of the owner of the building, Denis Pelletier.

The three owners of the Maurice Night Club promised a “new concept”, persuaded to attract 25-55 year-olds looking for an exit after a dinner at the restaurant, around 21h. A clientele that has been abandoned by institutions since the closure of Beaugarte in Sainte-Foy.

Without being a nightclub, the new Mauritius offers rather a night-club atmosphere, according to Mr. Fortin, with “a lot of indoor activities and live shows, three nights a week”.

The building at 575 Grande Allée Est is still for sale, “but it all depends on the buyer,” Pelletier said at the end of the line. “We are in the middle of a debate about whether to renew the lease.”

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