High-tech at a great price – in theory: the new Google Pixel 6 puts competitor flagships in its pocket. It's just a shame that the cell phone is in short supply in this country.

The new Google Pixel 6 can be bought from 649 euros – just not in this country.

Google Pixel 6 - mobile phone hit of the year

The device is not officially available in Switzerland.

 Google Pixel 6 - mobile phone hit of the year

It is sold, but at around 830 francs it is a lot more expensive than on Google in other countries.

That's what

  • Google has launched an impressive smartphone with the Pixel 6.

  • It's just a shame that the device is not officially sold in Switzerland.

  • In the test, the mobile phone was particularly impressive with its camera.

The Google Pixel 6 is available from 649 euros – but officially not in Switzerland. While the new Android mobile phone is available in many neighboring countries both via the Google Store and in shops, it is available online in this country, but costs a lot of money: around 830 francs.

It's a shame, because the Google Pixel 6 is one of the most exciting smartphones of the year. With a relatively low price, you beat the flagship models of the competition, which cost twice to three times as much. And the new Pixel cell phones don't have to hide from a technical perspective either.

Large camera bar

Google has given its new Pixel smartphones a new look. The camera module protrudes from the rear and extends over the entire width of the device. There is also a variety of colors to choose from: In addition to black, the device is also available in blue-greenish and pale pink-cream colors.

The Pixel 6 is powered by the new tensor chip – Google's first own processor. Tensor not only protects the smartphone, but thanks to machine learning it also offers functions such as motion mode, sharpener, improved voice quality and HDRnet for videos.

The Pixel 6 with Android 12 is a highlight for Android fans. The wonderfully tidy operating system has some innovations: the menus and apps now match the color of the selected background, the quick access bar shows practical bars including WLAN and Bluetooth lettering instead of simple symbols, and you can switch between key and gesture navigation at any time.

Camera is top

The Google Pixel 6 delivers camera performance that puts even most of the most expensive flagships from other manufacturers in the shade. This is particularly impressive at night: although there is a slight yellow tint, the images appear sharp, clear and with a lot of details.

The Pixel 6 really blossoms in difficult lighting conditions. During the day there are absolutely great photos anyway. The camera app itself is also clear. The limits of the camera are slightly blurred edges in ultra-wide-angle shots and a pixelated maximum zoom.

Battery lasts 1.5 days

With so much photo and video fun, another small drawback is the non-expandable memory of 128 GB, but many users will be able to cope with this. The Pixel 6 doesn't make a mistake when it comes to the battery. It is 4,620 mAh strong and lasts for one and a half days with average use.

The Google Pixel 6 can be charged wirelessly with 21 watts. There are also all the new technologies and functions such as 5G, dual SIM and E-SIM support, as well as WiFi 6 and a fingerprint sensor under the display, which reacts quickly and precisely. With an IP68 protection, the new smartphone can withstand water and dust and should receive security updates from Google for a full five years. In terms of sound, there is distortion-free stereo sound even at high volumes thanks to the loudspeakers built into the top and bottom of the device. More is almost impossible. All you really want is that Google really officially brings the device to Switzerland.


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