Gold medal at the Canada Games: “intense and magical”

Médaille d'or aux Jeux du Canada: «intense et magique»

Three-Rivers — In the night from Friday to Saturday, Frédéric Lavoie, and six players from the region were against a strong team Ontario to get the gold medal at the Canada Games. Less than 48 hours later, the coach was back in his office, on Sunday afternoon, with the smile of duty done. In the dressing room adjacent to her work station, five warriors were able to witness the beautiful story of Team Quebec, champion of the Games for the first time since 1987.

“Intense and magical” are the words chosen by Lavoie to describe his last week in Red Deer, Alberta. The Quebecers have won their first six parties, including the final, 4-3 in overtime, at the expense of Ontario. A game in which these players midgets are likely to remember throughout their lives.

Within this training fleurs-de-lis that will go down in history, there were five Booms: Anthony Bedard, Zachary Bolduc, Jacob Guévin, Tristan Luneau and Maxime Pellerin. To them was added the guard auxiliary William Rousseau, door-colours of the Green and Gold of the Séminaire St-Joseph in the national hockey League preparatory school.

Behind the bench, Lavoie, associate coach with the chief pilot, Martin Laperrière, has also had its word to say in these successes. Sick, Laperriere has been placed in isolation at the meetings of quarter-final and semi-final. It is therefore Lavoie, who guided the group towards a place in the final, after wins of 6-3 in front of the British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

“The Canada Games, you go a little bit into the unknown, it is not like during our season of midget AAA. But you guys have so well answered! The talent has spoken, it is as if we always found the way to supplement our attacks in a perfect way. Of tic-tac-toes, we saw a few during the tournament!”

Médaille d'or aux Jeux du Canada: «intense et magique»

William Rousseau, Jacob Guévin, William Richard, Zachary Bolduc and Anthony Bedard have all grown up in the program of the Panthers of the College Marie-de-l’incarnation, under the aegis of Denis Francoeur. Also present on the photo: Maxime Pellerin.


Quebec is even allowed to beat Ontario in a preliminary stage. This defeat of 7-3 has whipped the rival neighbors, who have replicated, in the final, with an excellent performance. They got the most chances of scoring during this epic battle, missing such a unique opportunity in overtime, during a penalty to Zachary, The Happy. The latter has registered the net winner, a minute after getting out of the dungeon!

“Happy wanted to re-embark on the ice, he wanted to redeem himself. It was well done to send it!”

Lavoie admit, this final was not a part of the fun. Ahead 2-0, the province has allowed its opponents to come back, so that Ontario was leading 3-2 after 40 minutes. Joshua Roy, the best pointer of the midget AAA in Quebec this year, then tied it up in the last twenty, before The Happy plays the hero.

“In the final, the talent was no longer enough. Ontarians were protecting the enclave, it was difficult to make it to their keeper. I loved the reaction of our players. And what about The Happy! He had scored big goals during the week, it was left to him.”

Proud of its teens

Yes, The Happy issued the Quebec of a shortage of 32 years. The goalkeeper of office Friday, William Blackburn, has also saved his delegation a few times. But the representatives of the region of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec can be proud of their performance, judge Lavoie, a ringside seat for the evaluate.

Médaille d'or aux Jeux du Canada: «intense et magique»

Anthony Bédard, used to play an offensive role in the Booms, has shone with his defensive play in Red Deer.


Youngest player of the team, the defender Tristan Luneau, 14 years old, has very well lived up to expectations, all the more that he had missed the first two games because of a virus. “He was confined in a small apartment at the athletes’ village. As soon as he returned, he made his presence felt. In the final, it has been excellent.”

Always on the blue line, Jacob Guévin, skilled in the three areas, has had to negotiate with the best three opponent. For his part, Anthony Bédard, used to play an offensive role in the Booms, has worked extensively in the situations defensive to Quebec. He was on the ice for three against four, on Friday in overtime.

About Zachary Bolduc and Maxime Pellerin, they evolved together with The Happy. “They would no doubt have liked to make more points, but they have had a nice impact on the team in general.”

In front of the net, William Rousseau, the substitute of Blackburn, has played a great game when the coaches have trusted.

Not distracted

Lavoie praised the level of concentration of its protected. Arriving in Alberta, the members of the team have been deprived of their personal belongings, their suitcases did not make the trip. “Probably because the aircraft was too heavy, suspect the coach. We bought underwear to the guys at Walmart. Three days later, we finally received our luggage!”

Médaille d'or aux Jeux du Canada: «intense et magique»

The guardian William Rousseau has got a start and a victory for Quebec.


This episode is a little wacky will have to weld more the famous esprit de corps of the skaters of la Belle province.

Back… in series

The five players of the Piers decorated with the medal of gold will have to plunge into the atmosphere of the series of the League de hockey midget AAA. On Tuesday, at Complexe sportif Alphonse-Desjardins, the Booms will compete in Laval-Montréal, during the first knockout round. “It is important that the guys are returning quickly in the group. They arrive with a certain level of trust, but everything has to start over.”

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