Will the second run in Lake Louise be another triumph for Sofia Goggia? The Swiss want to prevent this. The race is live.

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14. Jasmine Flury

The girl from Graubünden is driving properly in the upper section of the route and is on course for the podium. Your ride is smooth. Your line remains tight throughout. However, she makes several small mistakes. She falls badly into reserve twice, but can catch herself. But that takes a lot of time. At the finish she is 3.20 seconds behind Goggia.

13. Ramona Siebenhofer

The Austrian finished fourth yesterday. Despite having a cold, she shows a solid ride. In the upper part she drives a good line, copes well with the bumps and bumps. In the lower part of the route, however, she loses some time on the top. On the finish slope she tries to accelerate again. In the end it was 7th.

12. Nicol Delago

Nadia Delago's sister is among the fastest drivers in the upper part. A strong journey so far! But then she has to take the blows and loses some time. But she still has good pace towards the end. It finally falls back to 11th place.

11. Tamara Tippler

The Austrian is really shaken by the hits and bumps. That takes time. At the finish she is seventh, 2.01 seconds behind, and looks visibly disappointed.

The intermediate ranking

10. Nadia Delago

The young Italian drives very fast in places. Overall, however, it is not enough for all the way to the front. Some bumps gave her a bit of trouble. With a gap of 1.34 she is now fourth, directly behind Suter.

It will be tight for Suter

on the podium Goggia & uuml; outstanding, Suter is on the 3 - Gut-Behrami has no chance

9. Breezy Johnson

The American is about the same as Suter for a long time. In the end, she still makes the difference, overtakes the Swiss woman and places herself in second place between Goggia and Suter.

8. Federica Brignone

Despite a few hits on the track, the Italian drives very cleanly, but not quite as aggressively as her predecessors. Still, it's a top performance. At the finish it is enough for 4th place.

What a shocking moment for Gut-Behramis Rutscher

 Goggia & uuml; outstanding, Suter is on the 3-good-Behrami-has no chance

7. Lara Gut-Behrami

The Ticino woman was last in poor health. At the beginning she is very fast and can keep up with Goggia. In the middle section, their offensive drive takes revenge. It loses stability and slips a little, but remains on course. She tried everything, but lost 2.59 seconds. She is seventh. Too bad. Apart from her small mistake, she was very quick.

6. Stephanie Venier

The Austrian loses a lot of time in the upper part and is now clearly behind. She doesn't make any visible mistakes, but she can't build up that much pace. In the end, it is more than two seconds behind the leading Goggia.

5. Sofia Goggia

The winner from yesterday drives very aggressively and has saved a lot of time in just a few goals. She is very quick, her line is strong. In the middle section she doesn’t drive optimally, but still has a bit of an advantage over Suter. But it can grow. She masters the route well and is fast. In the end she is faster than Suter with 1: 48.42 and takes the lead. What a strong ride for the Italian.

4. Ragnhild Mowinckel

The Norwegian does not drive as cleanly as Suter and has a few small problems. towards the end she can catch something. In the end it is just as fast as Stuhec.

Super Corinne!

Goggia & uuml; outstanding, Suter is on the 3 - Gut-Behrami has no chance

3. Corinne Suter

Hopp Corinne! The Swiss woman drives very fast in the upper part. The start was definitely a success. In the middle part it is compact, makes a small mistake, but is in the lead in the meantime. However, it cannot take that much speed into the final section. Towards the end she reached a decent speed. In the end, she finished with 1: 49.40 and almost half a second ahead and leads! Excellent!

Suter sets the new best time

Corinne Suter sets a new best time in the descent from Lake Louise. (Video: SRF)

2. Ilka Stuhec

The Slovenian makes a small mistake right at the beginning and gets a little off balance. However, she can catch herself again. But their backlog is growing steadily. In the end, she is 75 hundredths behind.

1. Kira Weidle

Here we go. The first female driver is on the way. The German drives cleanly with a tight line in the upper part. In the middle section it deviates a little from the ideal line. The track has become harder compared to yesterday's race, as have the hits. All in all, it shows a good ride. Your time: 1: 49.86 . Weidle was in the Top10 yesterday. Is it enough for a top place today?

You have to pay attention to these drivers

Yesterday's winner from Italy, Sofia Goggia, should be particularly excited about today's victory. Her teammate Federica Brignone could also be dangerous for the Swiss women. In the Austrian team there are also some competitors with Mirjam Puchner, who came third in the first downhill, Ramona Siebenhofer, Cornelia Hütter, Christine Scheyer and Tamara Tippler. With the Americans, the hopes are particularly on Mikaela Shiffrin – despite the lack of training – and Breezy Johnson, who already showed several strong performances last winter and finished second in the first downhill.

The Swiss women get it in the second attempt a good result?

In the first edition, the Swiss women could not be at the forefront. The greatest hopes among Swiss women today are Corinne Suter and Lara Gut-Behrami. The former finished fifth yesterday, more than two seconds behind Goggia, the latter finished 17th in the end. Today there are a total of seven Swiss women at the start.

The Swiss women and their start numbers for the second descent

3. Corinne Suter

7. Lara Gut-Behrami

14. Jasmine Flury

16. Priska Nufer

28. Joana Hehlen

38. Noémie Kolly

40. Stephanie Jenal

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