A police officer in Sarganserland is charged with multiple abuse of office and trespassing. He committed a number of carelessnesses while confiscating a car.

A St. Gallen police officer is standing in front of the Werdenberg-Sarganserland district court on Tuesday.

 Girlfriend found out about car confiscation by careless police officers

He is accused of abuse of office (symbol image).

girlfriend found out by careless people Police officers from car seizure

He had committed a number of inattentiveness while seizing a car (symbol image).

That's what

  • A police officer is standing at Tuesday in Mels SG in court.

  • He is accused of trespassing, violation of official secrecy and multiple abuse of office.

  • The misconduct occurred when a vehicle was confiscated.

  • The public prosecutor's office is demanding a conditional fine and a fine.

A series of mistakes led to a police officer from the Sarganserland being tried on Tuesday. He is accused of trespassing, violating official secrecy and multiple abuse of office. He is being charged by a 26-year-old man whose car was confiscated by the police officer.

The starting point of the situation is the withdrawal of a driver's license from the 26-year-old, who was observed several times driving his car without a license. The accused policeman, who was traveling in civilian clothes, became aware of the vehicle and checked the man in the underground car park of his apartment in February of this year. He notified the prosecutor on call, who verbally ordered the confiscation of the car.

The policeman asked the man to get his things out of the car and also asked about the spare key. The man stated that it is in his apartment. The two then went to the 26-year-old's apartment and the police officer was asked to wait in front of the apartment door while the man looked for the second car key.

Enter the apartment without permission

As a result, the policeman pushed open the door and entered the apartment despite the man's request to wait outside. Before the police questioning, the 26-year-old took a shower while the policeman waited in his apartment. Because of this situation, he is charged with trespassing.

The 26-year-old phoned the accused police officer a few days later and wanted to know who is responsible for the confiscated car. He was told that he would receive the order in the mail. On the same day, the order for the confiscation of the car was drawn up and sent to the plaintiff by registered mail. At the same time, the accused policeman received the order by email. The policeman spoke to the man on the phone and offered to put him in his mailbox.

The confiscation order was loose in the mailbox

He did that too, but put it in his mailbox loosely and not in an envelope, thereby violating official secrecy. The private plaintiff's friend, who lived at the same address, learned of the confiscation of the car and confronted her boyfriend about it. “That was uncomfortable for him,” says the indictment.

The public prosecutor's office is demanding a conditional fine of 60 daily rates of 110 francs (6600 francs) as well as a fine of 1320 francs and the costs of the proceedings. The presumption of innocence applies.

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 Girlfriend found out about car seizure by careless police officers

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