Gilles Parent launches podcast

Just over two years after losing his microphone to FM93, ex-radio host Gilles Parent started podcasting on his website.
Sacked by Cogeco following an internal investigation after complaints made by five women for inappropriate gestures, Gilles Parent has not found a microphone since.

No radio wants to hire him yet. In September 2018, he explained himself in the pages of the Sun , in an interview with Mylène Moisan . He did the same a few months ago in the Journal de Québec .

In his first show, available since December 27, Gilles Parent says he took the time to question his way of being. “Hyperactive”, he wanted to resume the profession, but “in another way”.

His program entitled Parent et amis is for the people he loves and who love him. At the dawn of his sixties, he wants to place his family and friends at the center of his life. He is “grateful” to them for having supported him for the past two years.

Mr. Parent also decided to create his own podcast because he thinks he still has things to say and that there will be people to listen to him. People did not throw stupid things at him by crossing him, he assures. On the contrary, several people came to speak to him. This attention touched him. He wants to “regain the pleasure” that listeners have to listen to him and does not want to “let himself be influenced” by the people who hate him.

In his shows, he will talk about current events and offer interviews with well-known and unknown people.

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