Gallimard withdraws from sale Matzneff’s newspaper evoking his pedophile practices

The publisher Gallimard has decided not to sell the newspaper of the French writer Gabriel Matzneff that he has been publishing for 30 years, following the success in bookstores of the testimony of Vanessa Springora which throws a harsh light on the pedophile practices of the ‘writer.
The editions of La Table Ronde (Madrigall group, controlled by Antoine Gallimard), which published five volumes between 1979 and 1992 of the newspaper in which the writer notably talks about his sexual relations with children and adolescents, have also stopped marketing those books.

“The suffering expressed by Mrs. Vanessa Springora in + Le Consentement + makes a voice heard whose strength justifies this exceptional measure”, said Tuesday in a press release the French publishing house.

The copies still present in bookstores, including the last volume “L’Amante de l’Arsenal” released in mid-November, will be recalled. It had sold only “a few hundred copies,” said the publisher.

Since the beginning of the affair, the last section of the writer’s journal has nevertheless been torn from bookstores. He thus ranked Tuesday in 3rd place in the biographies category at Amazon.

This is the first time that Gallimard has taken such a measure, the publishing house told AFP.

The 83-year-old writer has been targeted since Friday by an investigation for “rape of a minor” under the age of 15, opened 24 hours after the release of the book by Vanessa Springora, director of Julliard Publishing.

In “Le Consentement” published by Grasset, this 47-year-old woman tells how she was seduced by Gabriel Matzneff at the age of 13, the relationship that she had with her afterwards and the wounds that it left in his life.

“At 14, you are not supposed to be expected by a 50-year-old man at the end of his college, you are not supposed to live in a hotel with him, or find yourself in bed, your penis in mouth at snack time, ‚ÄĚsays Vanessa Springora in her book, which has risen to the top 5 in physical and digital sales on Amazon France.

It also describes a man with a predatory behavior, making sex tourism in Asia, which he accounts for in his own works.

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