Angela Merkel's designated successor, Olaf Scholz, is calling for the country to be vaccinated in general in the German media.

He will agree to a general vaccination requirement in Germany,” to be very clear “: future Chancellor Scholz .

Germany's future chancellor, Olaf Scholz (SPD), called for the country to be vaccinated on Tuesday. That reports «Der Spiegel». Accordingly, Scholz said at current country consultations: “As a member of parliament, I will in any case agree to be very clear.” Later that afternoon, the Social Democrat doubled on «Bild» TV and declared that a legislative procedure should be initiated this year.

Compulsory vaccination should begin “when everyone had a realistic chance of being vaccinated twice. We should be able to do that by the beginning of February. ” Scholz advocated a “cross-faction initiative”.

In view of the new Omikron variant and the force of the fourth wave, calls for tougher measures are getting louder in the federal states. That is why the Prime Ministers have been conferring with Chancellor Angela Merkel and her designated successor Olaf Scholz by telephone since 1 p.m.

Resolutions are not planned for today, it said.

Will the «epidemic situation» be determined again?

Several options are being discussed. In this way, the “epidemic situation of national scope” that has just expired could be re-established by the Bundestag and thus create a legal basis for all previous crisis measures in one fell swoop.

The traffic light parties SPD, Greens and FDP let the epidemic situation of national scope come to an end on November 25 and instead reformed the Infection Protection Act with their new majority in the Bundestag: In future, the states will no longer be able to impose lockdowns, nationwide school closings and curfews.

Bundeswehr general as accelerator

It would also be possible to expand the reduced list of measures of the traffic light groups, regardless of the epidemic situation. The list currently excludes general closings of restaurants and shops or domestic travel restrictions in an entire federal state.

Scholz also introduced Major General Carsten Breuer as head of the planned crisis team to combat corona. Among other things, this should accelerate the booster and other corona vaccinations in Germany. Breuer otherwise heads the Territorial Tasks command in the Bundeswehr.

Political decision support through constitutional court ruling

On the agenda of the switching conference with the prime ministers there was also the discussion about the decision of the federal court announced in the morning.

This had decided that the central measures of the so-called corona emergency brake of the federal government from the third wave of pandemics are constitutionally unobjectionable. With its decision, the court in Karlsruhe gave political decision-making assistance, writes

The shorter the measures, the sooner the restriction of freedom

the court rejected several lawsuits against the contact and exit restrictions ordered in the spring, as well as school closings. The encroachments on fundamental rights were justified by “overriding public interest”.

Contact restrictions were a suitable way to protect people. At the time, the legislature did not consider any other means to be as effective, and rightly so, according to the court. And you also have to see that the federal emergency brake expired at the end of June. The shorter the duration of the measures, the sooner freedom can be limited.


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