“Frivolous and Abusive” Complaint of Matricule 728

Former police officer Stéfanie Trudeau, known as “Matricule 728”, fails in her attempt to drag the Crown Attorney who accused her – and sentenced – to assault the Law Society Disciplinary Committee for assault .
Trudeau, now retired from the City of Montreal Police Service, was sentenced to 12 months in jail in the community for the brutal arrest of a citizen in October 2012. The former police officer was granted permission to to appeal to the Court of Appeal the sentence and the verdict.

It was a Quebec Crown Attorney, Jean-Simon Larouche, who charged the policewoman with a summary charge of assault and who presented the prosecution evidence at trial.

Stéfanie Trudeau has lodged a private complaint with the Law Society Disciplinary Board, finding that her rights have been compromised by the “improper and reprehensible conduct” of the DPCP prosecutor.

The former policewoman is convinced that the filing of the criminal complaint against her is the result of public pressure and that she has been made a scapegoat. She reproaches Mr. Larouche for not having taken into account all the elements and “not to have put himself in his place”.

The Barreau du Québec Disciplinary Board rejects the former police officer’s complaint because he considers that there are “vague and ambiguous” allegations.

The Discipline Council finds that Trudeau’s complaint against the Crown attorney is “definitely frivolous, abusive and without foundation”. In short, it is doomed to failure, concludes the council, which assesses that the Crown attorney has committed no fault disciplinary.

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