French immigrant threatened to return to his country

Valentin Agator, a French immigrant settled in Trois-Rivières since March 2017, was far from suspecting what would happen to him by sending his application for renewal of work permit in October 2018. While all his entourage had good words about him and that he had obtained his Quebec selection certificate, Canada’s immigration department refused all his requests in the last year and finally gave him three months to return in his country of origin.
To sell his furniture, cancel his lease and his subscriptions in Quebec, find a home in France, find a source of income there while waiting to return to Quebec, this is among others what awaits Valentin Agator in the coming months. However, he had settled comfortably in his community by finding a stable job at Logesco Informatique in Nicolet, in which he did very well according to his boss. To make matters worse, all these problems happened in his life when his wife, a daycare educator facing the same problems, was planning to buy their first home and officially establish their life in Quebec.

“We tried everything to be able to stay, but every time we tried to ask questions to the various government authorities, we always got a different answer that forced us to look for another solution. The system seems too complicated for it to work, “he says.

The bad demand

In March 2017, he obtained an open work permit under the International Experience Canada (EIC) program under the Working Holiday category. The license expires in March 2019, he tried to renew it in January, but to no avail, because work permits issued under the Working Holiday category can not be extended. Noting the situation, Mr. Agator chose to go to the Port of Entry in Armstrong, Quebec, where he was able to get his visitor’s card valid until November 1, 2019, by which date he should return in his country if nothing moves in his file. For the time being, he would be deadlocked because he would not have the documents required to make an application for permanent residence and would not have the status required to obtain these documents.

However, in a message sent to Nouvelliste, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada suggested that the couple may still have hope of staying in Canada. “If Mr. Agator wishes to stay beyond the authorized period, he will have to apply for an extension before the expiry date of his current status, November 1, 2019,” said the advisor in relation to the media at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Nancy Caron.

To this, Valentin Agator replies that it is financially impossible for him to extend a status that does not allow him to work for six months.

Another problem for the employer

For Mr. Agator’s employer, David Francoeur, it’s a disaster. The field of computing experiencing a severe shortage of skilled labor, it will be very difficult for him to fully fill the void caused by the departure of an employee of the caliber of the French.

“It does not make sense. I can not imagine that such a situation could arise in a place that has to deal with a severe shortage of manpower. It was going extremely well with Valentin. Even his baggage was extremely high because of the education he had received in Europe. He progressed very quickly and was even on the verge of another salary increase. I find it deplorable that no help is available for him and that we get rid of someone good, “he says. It should be noted that Mr. Francoeur has shown a willingness to resume Valentin Agator in his ranks upon his return to Quebec when he has obtained the necessary documents.

In the meantime, Mr. Agator and his wife will inevitably have to find a way to stay in Canada, otherwise they will have no choice but to return to their home country for a few months.

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