Francois-Guy Thivierge will climb 55 mountains in 55 months

He reached the highest peaks in the world, including Everest. He counts on his assets more than 3000 climbs. For his 55th birthday, François-Guy Thivierge could not just be satisfied, for example, to open a bottle of wine from 1964, his year of birth. The mountaineer of Quebec offers rather an original gift, to climb 55 mountains around the world in 55 months.
He flew to France on Wednesday with his colleague Jean-François Girard to experience the first stage of this long adventure. On schedule, in the next fortnight, climbing the Grand Capucin, sumptuous monolithic granite in Chamonix, France. The objective of this first of 25 trips on the different continents is to stuff three to five mountains, especially in the Italian Alps.

“I’m not able to look at mountains pictures in my living room, I prefer to discover them. I climbed the highest in the world by personal challenge, but this project aims to share my passion, to discover the most beautiful mountains in the world. I want to motivate people to meet their own challenges, to mount their own mountain, “he said on Tuesday, the day before he left.

For the occasion, the regional press had an appointment at the Roc-Gyms climbing center, which he has been managing for 35 years. Businessman, sportsman, mountaineer, speaker, François-Guy Thivierge wears several hats, but that of adventurer fits him like a glove.

If he was Nepalese, he would have made a good sherpa, he said.

“Yes,” he replied with a smile. I could have done a mountain guide in the Canadian Rockies. I’ve always been passionate about mountains, I want people to learn about them because there is so much to discover, “says the voluble mountaineer, popularizer of a dizzying world.

At 55, Thivierge offers herself a challenge worthy of her passion. Among the 55 already identified mountains he will climb over the next five years, he helped insert the Gasherbrum II, Pakistani juggernaut of 8000 meters, 13 th largest in the world.

“It will be my last 8000 m, it took me at least one in my list of 55 … It is one of the highest peaks in the world, but also among the easiest and least risky. I will do it without oxygen, “he says about this step planned for 2021.

Live up to 100 years

After defeating Everest, among others, Thivierge does not intend to put his life in jeopardy. He turned the page of daring. At the end of his project, he will be 60 years old, and hopes to climb another thirty years later …

“My goal is to live to 100 years and climb to 90. When the mountains are more difficult, it will decrease the degree of difficulty. At the beginning of my career, I was reckless, but I’m more cautious today. We go with wisdom, I will not open new paths, I will take those that already exist. I have nothing to prove, I made my Everest, my mountains. ”

Thus, if a mountain refuses to be rubbed against it, Thivierge will do another. There is no question of getting your head first where there might be avalanche risks.

“You have to be sensitive to the elements. Except that climbing is like poker. It can fall a rock at any time, we must accept that there is a certain risk, but I do not go to play Russian roulette “, added the one who receives the support of many partners to live this adventure At its conclusion, it will be close to the $ 300,000, but it will provide him with endless memories and photos worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

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