Four lawsuits against the Village Vacances Valcartier

Quatre poursuites contre le Village Vacances Valcartier

Four civil lawsuits for damages have been filed in recent days against the Village Vacances Valcartier for four accidents distinct that occurred for three years.

A few days of spring break, a firm of lawyers, Tremblay Bois Mignault Lemay, has filed four civil lawsuits on behalf of clients who were injured in the facilities of the recreation centre well-known.

Me Étienne Giasson, lawyer in charge of the records, says that the fruit of the chance, the four clients had contacted the firm during the same period last year. The claims were initiated at the same time by the sending of formal notice. “It was known to all parties that if these approaches would lead to nothing after a year, the files would be judicialized to not lose more time, writing to Me, Giasson. The four folders were ready to be judicialized in the same time. The date of filing of procedures has been dictated by the limitation period for a claim (28 February 2019) and is not a concerted or planned in connection with the school break.”

Ejected from an air chamber

The mother of a family from Québec, Julie Frenette, brought an action after an accident suffered by his 13-year old daughter, February 28, 2016. After it tumbles down the slope, the teenager collided with cousins, in a hollow at the bottom of the track. The girl was ejected from her tube and hit her head on the ground.

According to the lawsuit, the teenager started to scream in pain, holding his head. She was dizzy and even vomit before being taken to the infirmary and then transferred to the hospital by ambulance.

The doctors found a triple skull fracture and a traumatic brain injury, in particular. According to the lawsuit, the girl has had a long and painful convalescence, and is still struggling with headaches important.

Since the accident, the school notes, the teenager would have ” dropped drastically “, at the point where the girl has stepped up his high school on two occasions and was finally won in September of last year.

The mother claimed$ 900,000 in damages for his daughter and 87$ 500 for all charges incurred and the damages it has suffered.

Three lawsuits for the bora park

Nathalie Pouliot, administrative assistant to the 49-year-old living in Fossambault-sur-le-lac, suffered an accident during his first visit to the Bora Park on April 10, 2017. The new park of water slides opened its doors in December 2016.

With his godson, three years old, the lady went to the waterslide, called the Cobra. Sitting down for drag, Ms. Pouliot has abruptly lost his footing and fell to the rear. She is then violently hit the back of the head on the slide. The lady was said to have been a short loss of consciousness.

For, she said, to reassure his godson, the lady slipped with him. In the bottom of the slide, Ms. Pouliot was noticed that she was bleeding. She found an agent who led her to the dressing room where she could see a laceration important to his head.

According to the lawsuit, the attendant is limited to suggest to Ms. Pouliot to go to the hospital. She went herself to the hospital Portneuf where, according to the lawsuit, a brain injury has been found and a laceration of eight centimetres on his scalp was stitched up.

According to the allegations of the prosecution, the direction of the Bora Park has corrected the problem of the slip of the Cobra by adding non-slip strips. The lady said to keep multiple scars of his accident, including dizziness. She has been off work for six months. It requires a total of 505 000$.

Mélanie Beaulieu-sur-Morin, 31 years old, a manager and a cook at a restaurant in Québec city, was the victim of an accident in the attraction Wave Surfing during his first visit to the Bora Park, may 3, 2017.

Novice surfer, Ms. Beaulieu-sur-Morin would be told by the supervisor to place the feet perpendicular to the board and to move the arm.

The client of the Bora Park has made a sudden drop towards the front and hit her head on the bottom of the pond, ” she said. A wave was then propelled onto a wall where it is again struck on the head.

Ms. Beaulieu-sur-Morin is alleged to have lost consciousness for a period of 25 minutes in the locker room. It is estimated that the relief was ” completely disorganized “. The lady has been riding in the ambulance to the hospital where doctors diagnosed a traumatic brain injury. She had to be hospitalized for 14 days.

The lady says keep of important sequelae, including chronic headaches, and seizures common. She has been off work for five months after the accident and then again since mid-January 2019. Everything indicates that it will not work in the short and medium term, it is alleged in the lawsuit.

Among the many limitations alleged, she may no longer drive and needs help in his daily tasks. She claimed an amount of 1 307 000$.

Jade Parent, a worker in the field of insurance 38-year-old living in Quebec, went to Bora Park for the first time on June 30, 2017 with her husband and two children.

They have decided to try the Viper, a slip covered. In turn, the lady, who was sliding in a sitting position, says that his head was violently struck the top of the tube. She would have then heard a creaking sound and has been projected on the back.

Dizzy and with a big bump to the head, she was taken to a hospital where a traumatic brain injury has been diagnosed, according to the allegations of the prosecution.

Jade Parent had to be absent from work for three months. It has gone through many treatments and is still medicated. It claims a total amount of 313 500$.

No compromise on security

The spokesperson for the Village Vacances Valcartier, Marie-Eve Doyon, could not comment on the records currently underway.

“The Village Vacances Valcartier is a beacon in the region for family recreation for over 50 years and we will always be committed to provide recreation in a safe, assures Ms. Doyon. There is no compromise on the safety. “

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