Four people died and three were injured in acts of violence in the US states of Georgia and Indiana. In both cases there was violence against police officers and one police officer lost his life.

In the US state of Georgia, two women, a police officer and the alleged perpetrator were killed in the course of a violent crime.

Four people, including a police officer, were killed in an act of violence in the US state of Georgia. First, the police had emergency calls because of a trespass in Rex in Clayton County, south of Atlanta, according to the investigators. In further emergency calls there was talk of gunshots. When the police arrived at the house in Rex, a man opened fire, killed one policeman and wounded another.

The police returned fire and inflicted fatal injuries to the man. The alleged perpetrator died on site. The police then determined that the man had shot two women and shot a twelve-year-old in the face before they arrived. According to the Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts, the boy is in critical but stable condition, as reported by the TV broadcaster WSB-TV. The officer who was killed was the third officer killed while on duty in Georgia that month.

Knife attack on police officers in Indiana

Police officers were also victims of violence in the US state of Indiana. A man armed with multiple knives stabbed two police officers who were on duty in Indianapolis with a reported molestation. According to the information, the attacker had alleged that he had been harassed by another person. The police told him that they would try to track down the other person. But when the officers left, the man suddenly stabbed them.

Chris Bailey from the Indianapolis Police Department spoke of an “unprovoked attack”. Both police officers then shot the man who was injured and brought to the hospital. According to Bailey, one of the police officers had to undergo an operation. A police report on the case revealed that a 20-year-old was arrested. He is accused of attempted murder in two cases.

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