Epic Games is starting a new era in creative mode. In the new worlds, the focus is on conviviality and no longer fighting against each other.

Fortnite is getting a new expansion, the party worlds. Friends can play peacefully with each other there.

& laquo; Fortnite & raquo; introduces new party worlds

So far there are only two party worlds created by the community.

& laquo; Fortnite & raquo; introduces new party worlds

“Walnut world” by “fivewalnut” is a lovingly designed amusement park.

That's what it is about

  • Epic Games is bringing a new expansion to the popular battle royale game.

  • This should focus on sociability and friendship among the players.

  • In addition, mini-games are available for single players or groups.

  • More and more party worlds should be added.

Almost three years ago the creative mode was introduced in «Fortnite», in which players were given their own islands and could create whatever they wanted on them. In the meantime, a number of changes have been made, because the game mode has been regularly expanded and improved. Players can share the creations with one another on their islands, sometimes they are even presented by Epic and brought to a much larger audience.

With the latest expansion “Party Worlds”, the developer wants to focus on conviviality and friendship, rather than the shooting and violence of the other game modes. The idea that players can meet and interact with their avatars online goes in the direction of creating a “metaverse”. Epic Games describes the experience in such a way that the focus is on the self-portrayal of the players through “emotes” and the consolidation and making of new friendships. In the party worlds there are many mini-games that you can play alone or in groups.

At the moment there are only two official party worlds created by “fivewalnut” and “TreyJTH”, two well-known community authors. The worlds can be played in creative mode with the island codes 9705-9549-4193 and 8868-0043-1912. Epic Games asks the players to send in additional party worlds. However, new islands can only be submitted by members of the “Support a Creator 2.0” program on the official website. In the coming weeks, more party worlds will appear, the manufacturer's studio has already promised.

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* Joshua Cruiser (16) and nicik_01 (18) regularly jump off the battle bus at «Fortnite». They write about the game for 20 minutes.

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