Former teacher Andréanne Robert acknowledges crimes of a sexual nature

Former Sherbrooke Triolet high school teacher Andréanne Robert admitted having committed various crimes of a sexual nature while in authority over five students.
D aced Judge Conrad Chapdelaine of the Court of Québec, the former teacher admitted six charges of adolescents 15 to 17 years, the counts of sexual exploitation, indecent communication and have sent sexually explicit material another minor to facilitate a sexual offense.

Andréanne Robert will return to court in 2020

Teacher Andréanne Robert could “settle” the lawsuits against her

“There are discussions between me and my colleague to settle all the files”, explains the prosecutor to the criminal prosecutions Me Marie-Line Ducharme.

Several charges were dropped as part of negotiations on this matter between the prosecution and defense counsel, Caroline Monette.

Andréanne Robert was a science teacher at the Triolet school of events. The victims were all minors.

“She was a teacher who was appreciated. There was a closeness between Andréanne Robert and her students, but there were overflows, ”explains Me Ducharme in the summary of the evidence.

The case was revealed following an event with a victim in December 2017. Andréanne Robert was at the teachers’ Christmas party. She contacted a student and asked him to take her home.

The pupils encountered another teacher who asked them what they were doing in the bar. It was from this moment that the situation went wrong for Andréanne Robert.

“She got on board with them. She was intoxicated. The students helped her set up the markets for her duplex. They even filmed her condition. She had sexual conversations. She asked a student to have sex with her. She even took off her dress in front of one of them, ”explains Me Ducharme.

This episode of December 9 had echoes in the school and an investigation was opened by the Sherbrooke police service.

For a victim, Andréanne Robert sent between ten and fifteen photos of her naked. The student sent him one or two photos of him in boxers.

“She explained to the investigators that she had a strong crush on her student and he knew it,” said Ducharme.

“There are things that are not entirely fair, but I plead guilty. ”
– Andréanne Robert

The prosecutor explains that she had a lot of conversations about school activities, but some conversations “slipped” into conversations with sexual overtones.

“You have to understand that Madame is very close to her students. For two other students, she has conversations on Snapchat. The students showed him how the social network works. She asked one of them if he would sleep with her, ”said Ms. Ducharme.

Several charges which she recognized are punishable by a minimum sentence of 90 days in prison.

With reddened eyes, Andréanne Robert pleaded guilty to the charges brought against her.

“There are things that are not entirely fair, but overall, yes, I plead guilty. ”

A pre-sentence report with a sex component was ordered by the court.

Mr. Ducharme mentioned that the victims did not necessarily want to testify.

Sentencing observations will take place on May 4.

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