Around Christmas, the pop star is said to have become a mother for the first time. She is said to have given birth to her daughter at home. The reason: privacy.

Helene Fischer is said to have become a mom.

 To protect her, Helene Fischer is said to have decided to give birth at home

Your baby saw the light of day around Christmas.

For her protection, Helene Fischer should f & uuml ; r have decided to give birth at home

According to “Bild”, Helene Fischer became the mother of a daughter.

That's what

  • Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel (36) are said to have become parents for the first time around Christmas, according to “Bild”.

  • As the German newspaper reports, the 37-year-old is said to have given birth to her child at home.

  • But why decided Helene actually for a delivery in your own four walls? German celebrity experts reveal the possible reason for this decision.

Baby happiness at Fischer-Seitel: As the “Bild” wants to know from the singer's environment, Helene Fischer is said to have become a mother for the first time around Christmas. It is said that your daughter was born at home. For many mothers, this is probably unimaginable and risky, especially with the first child, but the 37-year-old's decision should not have a very nice aftertaste.

In Germany, Helene Fischer is one of the most famous stars, wherever she goes, you can recognize her. The singer hardly has any privacy outside of her villa on Lake Ammersee in Bavaria. For this reason, according to Tanja May, deputy editor-in-chief at “Bild”, Helene should have decided in advance for a home birth. “When she checks into a hospital, everyone knows her, of course. Helene Fischer is simply known and that's why I think it's only natural to say: 'Okay, I'll try to give birth to my child as familiarly as possible' “, the journalist from is quoted as saying.

Helene is too famous for a hospital

RTL celebrity expert Steffi Brungs (32) also has this assumption. «I think the home birth was planned. Helene Fischer is a superstar in Germany, one of the most famous singers we have in this country, ”she says in a talk with presenter Angela Finger-Erben (41). In her opinion, the musician could not just go into any hospital and think she would go undetected.

«Everyone would know that this is Helene Fischer. As a hospital, there is no guarantee that no information will be made public. ” After all, Helene lives on Ammersee and not in Hollywood, where hospitals are used to regular celebrities checking in or even booking entire hospital wings.

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 To protect her, Helene Fischer is said to have decided to give birth at home

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The three of you enjoy the first time

Even over the first few days after the Birth chatted Brungs. Accordingly, Helene and her fiancé Thomas Seitel (36) are said to have spent the time all alone with their daughter. “Her parents live nearby and they were spotted at Helene's house, but only when they left food. So it seems like you want to be alone first. Not just because of the coronavirus, but also because of the puerperium. Not everyone is ready for a visit, ”the celebrity expert continues.

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