The magazine «Elle» does not want to show animal furs either in editorial content or in advertisements. The animal welfare organization Peta welcomes the decision.

The fashion magazine «Elle» has decided to ban fur for its editorial content as well as advertisements.

First fashion magazine bans fur completely

The company no longer wants to show fur in online media either.

 First fashion magazine bans fur completely

The pressure on the fashion industry to do without fur has increased significantly.


  • The French fashion magazine «Elle» banned fur from all articles.

  • Some big fashion brands have been doing without fur in their collections for a long time.

  • < p> «Elle» is the first major fashion magazine to do without fur in advertisements and online media.

The fashion magazine “Elle” was the first major medium to adopt a fur ban for its editorial content and advertisements. “Showing animal furs on our website and in our online media no longer corresponds to our values ​​or the values ​​of our users,” said the international boss of “Elle”, Valeria Bessolo Llopiz, on Thursday at a conference of the fashion industry in Chipping, southern England Norton.

The monthly magazine «Elle» was originally founded in France and belongs to the French media group Lagardère. There are now 45 editions in different parts of the world. According to its own information, the magazine has 33 million readers worldwide; its website receives 100 million hits a month.

Cruelty to animals

«It's time for a statement from ‹Elle›, which is against« cruelty against animals », said Bessolo Llopiz. Rather, the magazine wants to «raise awareness of animal welfare».

A fur ban currently applies to 13 “cubits” issues. 20 more are to follow the example on January 1st; the rest finally a year later.

Pressure on the fashion industry is increasing

The animal welfare organization Peta praised the decision. The depiction of furs in magazines belongs in “bygone times,” said British Peta boss Elisa Allen of the AFP news agency. She welcomed the fact that the British “Vogue”, the British “Cosmopolitan”, the magazine “InStyle” in the USA and the new Scandinavian edition of “Vogue” are doing without fur in their editorial content. At the same time, she expressed the expectation that fur would soon also be banned from advertisements in the magazines.

The pressure on the fashion industry to stop using fur has increased significantly. Numerous fashion houses, including Gucci, Versace, Prada, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Donna Karan, DKNY and Michael Kors, have already banned fur from their collections. Fur suppliers criticize that their natural products are being replaced by synthetic materials that would take centuries to biodegrade and thus harm the environment.

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