The men's downhill race on Friday has been canceled, so the first speed race of the season will take place in Lake Louise on Saturday. What are Feuz and Odermatt showing? We report live.

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Feuz is satisfied

Feuz: «The view from the ground is diffuse, you can't see anything. If it stays that way, I'm definitely satisfied. If you stand on the podium, you shouldn't complain. »

Intermediate result

20 Goldberg

Jared Goldberg is the fourth American in the top 20. But he's falling! This is the first failure. Goldberg is annoyed, but nothing has happened.

19 Kilde

And now the comeback of the Norwegian. He tore a cruciate ligament in January and the season was over. It starts well. That looks strong in his first race on his return. But it is not enough to go all the way forward.

Kilde drives to a strong ninth intermediate place, respect!

18 Cater

What is the Slovenian showing? Cater won his only downhill run in Val d & # x27; Isère a year ago. Back then with the starting number 41!

Today he has no chance of victory and has to be content with 18th place. He is clearly last.

17 Striedinger

The next Austrian to attack the podium. But he is not as fast as his compatriots in first and second place.

11th place, 1.55 back.

16 Jansrud

The Norwegian wants to be among the fastest again, but has not yet succeeded. It could well be that this will be his last performance in Lake Louise. Jansrud is still not quite sure whether this will be his last season.

Jansrud 1.71 behind in 11th place.

15 Franz

Franz won here in Lake Louise in 2018, he has already ridden strongly on this slope several times. Can he press Feuz? It doesn't currently look like it. Oh, but there he comes again.

Now it was getting tight again. Franz is fifth and remains behind Feuz and Odermatt.

14 Bailet

The second Frenchman can't keep up with the best.

He finished sixth thanks to a strong finish.

13 Baumann

The native Austrian, who starts for Germany, has made an excellent start and is even faster than Mayer at the beginning. But Baumann will not make the jump to the podium either, Feuz will definitely stay on it.

Baumann is at least fifth.

12 Innerhofer

The next South Tyrolean after Paris. But Innerhofer, who doesn't particularly like this slope, won't win today either. Ui, he's lucky that he doesn't fall after a bump.

Rank 10, more than 2 seconds behind.

11 Sander

The World Cup second from Germany. What can Sander show? He's already got off to a good start. But even he cannot continue his good beginning. Sander is also more than 1 second behind.

It is 1.76 seconds and 8th place.

Intermediate result

 Feuz on the podium, Odermatt just next to it - what is Rogentin showing?

10 Ganong

Already the third American rushes down the slope. The weather is currently not getting better, but neither is it getting worse. The 33-year-old is constantly losing time.

Ganong is in 9th place.

9 Paris

What has the Italian, Feuz's biggest competitor, shown in recent years. A strong start for the South Tyrolean. But then he continuously loses time.

That is no best time, but rank 5 at the finish.

8 Bennett

The next American, but even Bennett can't keep up with the best.

Intermediate rank 8 at the finish, he loses over 2 seconds on Mayer's best time.

7 Mayer

The Austrian is always one of the contenders for a downhill run. He's just as fast as Kriechmayr. But it does not remain flawless either. But he can improve again.

New best time: 1: 47.74, Austrian one-two lead.

6 Cochran-Siegle

Comeback of the American, he stays at the top, but in the end it is only the fourth intermediate place, 81 hundredths behind.

A first intermediate result

 Feuz on the podium, Odermatt just next to it - what is Rogentin showing?

5 Feuz

The downhill winner of last season, the dominator of the past few years, the Emmentaler Feuz is on the way. But he already loses 32 hundredths in the first split. The backlog remains constant.

Feuz at the finish, he missed the best time by 0.12 hundredths!

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