Usually the musician keeps her private life strictly out of the public eye. Now she surprises with two good news – and adventurous plans for the future.

She is beaming: Fernanda Brandao (38) is pregnant. And engaged!

 Fernanda Brandao wants to give birth to her child in the wilderness

This is what the former DSDS juror reveals in an interview with the German magazine” Bunte “.

< p>Fernanda Brandao wants her Born a child in the wild

Your perfect match: adventurer Roman Weber (36), the stepson of human rights activist Rüdiger Nehberg, who died last year at the age of 84. Roman apparently doesn't seem to care about social media and the like.

That's what

  • Fernanda Brandao is about to get married. The 38-year-old is also expecting her first child.

  • The otherwise reluctant musician has now revealed this happy news to “Bunte” magazine.

  • The child's father and now Brandao's fiancé is human rights activist Roman Weber (36).

  • Brandao is now six months pregnant . She would like to give birth to her child in Lapland.

Fernanda Brandao actually keeps her private life out of the public eye as much as possible. Now the 38-year-old has revealed some great news to the “Bunte”: The half-Brazilian is not only newly engaged, but is also six months pregnant.

In the course of her conversation with the German magazine, the ex-DSDS juror also reveals who the man by her side is: Roman Weber (36), the stepson of the deceased human rights activist Rüdiger Nehberg († 84) who works as an activist himself.

According to Brandao, the wedding bells will ring soon. In any case, her lover's proposal has been totally romantic at one point or another. “I was particularly touched that he asked my mother for my hand beforehand,” enthuses the 38-year-old.

«Our child will be a nomad baby»

The fact that the couple will soon become a small family makes the former Hot Banditoz singer incredibly happy. Before the birth, however, there is still a big move: The TV presenter and her loved ones are drawn to Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland.

The reason: Exactly one year after they met, the half-Brazilian became in Lapland pregnant. At the request of the expectant mother, her baby should therefore be born in a wooden hut in the Lappish wilderness. “Our child will be a nomad baby,” says Brandao. The lovebirds don't want to settle down yet.

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