Federal elections: the PLQ wants commitments and press Legault

The leader of the official opposition, Pierre Arcand, is asking Prime Minister François Legault to become involved in the federal election campaign right now, urging political parties to commit themselves to Quebec.
A while the federal election campaign must be triggered from one day to another, Mr. Arcand judge that the Premier of Quebec has shown up to now very quiet in the Quebec-Ottawa files.

“He did not say anything,” although “it’s time to defend the interests of Quebec,” said Mr. Arcand, in press briefing on Tuesday, by establishing his own list of priorities related to the issues of federal-provincial policy.

Yet, “this is not the time to be discreet,” commented the interim leader of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), questioning the federal party leaders on five issues considered fundamental for the immediate future of Quebec , a series of proposals which, hopefully, will be taken up by Mr. Legault.

Tax the giants of the Web

For example, the leaders of the various parties in the federal political scene must commit to taxing the giants of the Web, said Mr. Arcand.

This idea was widely accepted last week as part of the parliamentary consultation on the future of the media, facing an unprecedented financial crisis. In turn, the speakers came to tell elected officials that Google and Facebook in particular were taking away a significant portion of their advertising revenues for years, and without paying a cent in Quebec.

It is “the survival of the media and information that is at stake,” he argued.

“He [François Legault] said nothing, [although] it’s time to defend Quebec’s interests. [Yet,] this is not the time to be discreet »
– Acting Leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Pierre Arcand

The issue of health transfers particularly worries Mr. Arcand, who said he noted “a federal disengagement that has lasted for years”, to the detriment of the Quebec treasury.

The PLQ will also advocate for increased federal funding for public transit infrastructure, as well as better compensation to Quebec’s hog, grain and dairy producers, as a result of the trade agreements signed between Quebec and Quebec. Canada and Europe, not to mention the trade crisis with China.

Finally, the Liberals want the parties to commit to reforming the Criminal Code to increase the penalties for financial crimes. It is believed that this would have a deterrent effect on the theft of personal data.

Mr. Arcand says he will not give any instructions to his MPs about the federal campaign. Those who wish to get involved and support such a candidate from such a party can do so.

Local information matters to me and I want to participate in the future of my life.

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